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Geociencias Aplicadas Latinoamericanas


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Geociencias Aplicadas Latinoamericanas is an international journal for the publication of primary research in applied geoscience disciplines. It publishes theoretical and numerical studies, as well as case studies and review papers. The scope of the journal covers all the fields within the geosciences, like reservoir engineering, geology and geophysics. Geociencias Aplicadas Latinoamericanas is a peer reviewed journal and intends to provide a valuable forum for ideas, research and sharing experiences among workers in geoscience.

Geociencias Aplicadas Latinoamericanas aims at a comparable standing of Geophysical Prospecting and Petroleum Geoscience, well-known EAGE journals with significant impact factors. The focus of this journal is on Latin America as far as case studies and review papers are concerned. However, it is also encouraged to submit papers that focus on research in other parts of the world.

Geociencias Aplicadas Latinoamericanas is published online 4 times a year. Special issues will also be available in print.

For members, the journal will be freely accessible in 2016.


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