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The workshop programme will consist of the following workshops:
(Please note that content details may be subject to change)

#   Title Convenors
Sunday 31 May (09:30 - 17:30)

AGORA Workshop - From Well Data to Reservoir Management


Unfortunately, this workshop has been cancelled.

P. Corbett (Heriot Watt University)
O. Gosselin (Imperial College London / TOTAL)
S. Geiger (Heriot Watt University)
T. Manai (Schlumberger)
T. Coléou (CGG)
P. King (Imperial College London)
V. Demyanov (Heriot Watt University)
D. Arnold (Epistemy)

WS02 Getting the Most Out of 4D - From Reservoir to Surface

J. Edgar (Total E&P UK)
M. Landrø (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
P. Thore (Total E&P)

WS03 Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste - Technical and Societal Challenges

J. Astudillo (Enresa)
J. Delay (Andra)

WS04 What’s Up in Fold-and-Thrust Belts?

J.P. Callot (Université Pau)
J.C. Ringenbach (Total SA)

S. Jahani (NIOCEXP)

WS05 Wave Equation Based Migration Velocity Analysis

H. Chauris (MINES ParisTech)
I. Vasconcelos (Schlumberger)

F. Perrone (CGG)

Monday 01 June (09:30 - 17:00)
WS06 Seismic Imaging - Latest Developments

S. Buske (TU Bergakademie Freiberg)
D. Gajewski (University of Hamburg)
K. Wapenaar (TU Delft)

WS07 Production Induced Seismicity

L. Eisner (Academy of Sciences, IRSM, Prague)
F.B. Kets (University of Leeds)

WS08 Carbonate Diagenesis and Fractures - Controls on Reservoir Quality

M. Esteban (Repsol)
F. Fernandez Ibañez (ExxonMobil, Houston)
B. Gauthier (Total SA)


Attenuation Estimation and Compensation from Broadband Seismic Data


Unfortunately, this workshop has been cancelled.

T. Blanchard (Total E&P)
N. Favretto-Cristini (CNRS Marseille)
D. Rappin (Total E&P)
B. Ursin (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

WS10 Full Waveform Inversion for Near-surface Characterization

T. Bohlen (KIT)
J. van der Kruk (FZ Julich)

Friday 05 June (09:30 - 17:30)
WS11 Near-surface Zone Impact on Seismic Exploration M. Behm (OMV)
N. El Allouche (Schlumberger)
M. Hertrich (Nagra)
E. Manukyan (ETH Zurich)
E. Muyzert (Schlumberger)
C. Schmelzbach (ETH Zurich)
WS12 Interpreting the Uncertain Seismic Image

R. Arts (GdF Suez)
C. Hanitzsch (Wintershall)
M. Riede (DEA)

WS13 Exploring the Mediterranean - New Concepts Related to the Messinian Salt

H. Gonzalez (Repsol)
J.L. Rubino (Total SA)
J.I. Soto (Granada University)
G. Tari (OMV Vienna)


Petroleum Systems Analysis and CO2 Storage - Common Ground and Emerging Challenges for CO2 Management and Hydrocarbon Exploration


Unfortunately, this workshop has been cancelled.

J. Alcalde (Edinburgh University)
A.J. Cavanagh (Statoil)
M. Wilkinson (Edinburgh University)
WS15 Imaging, Characterization and Monitoring Using Interferometric Methods - Recent Developments

A. Curtis (University of Edinburgh)
D. Draganov (TU Delft)
S. Hanafy (KAUST)