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Workshop description 

Migration Velocity Analysis (MVA) and Subsurface-Domain Inversion (SDI) techniques aim at complementing data-based Full Waveform Inversion (FWI), e.g., by determining the background velocity model for subsequent FWI. The objective of the workshop is to review the recent developments and the current challenges for successful SDI and wave-equation-based MVA applications. In this context, this Workshop will invite contributions aimed at addressing the following points:

  • A review of the various existing approaches to SDI and MVA, with the intent mapping their role in the greater waveform inversion effort
  • In which domain(s) should SDI and/or MVA be formulated? Extra dimension could be classical surface offset, angle domain, sub-surface offset, time-shift, ... New developments also promote a velocity model defined along the time axis.
  • For a given Extended Image and/or Common Image Gather description, what are the appropriate associated objective functions (semblance, differential semblance, ...)?
  • Can SDI offer truly "full waveform" inversions, i.e., accounting for fully nonlinear effects in the subsurface domain? If so, how do we extend MVA beyond reflected data, in particular in the presence of multiples and/or transmitted waves? Is MVA intrinsically limited to the Born approximation?
  • How to introduce more physics into SDI methods (e.g, fully elastic SDI, anisotropic MVA, attenuation in MVA, ...)
  • What are the current limitations for fully automatic applications on real data?
  • Present field data case studies

Workshop format

The workshop shall consist of oral and poster presentations depending on the number of submissions.
Pofessionals in the oil and gas industry and in the academia, who are interested in seismic imaging, are very much welcome to join us in this workshop.

This workshop is a follow-up on the previous organized workshop on this topic, which took place during the annual conference of the EAGE in London, 2013. Please click here to see the programme of that year’s workshop.


Session Extended Images and MVA Formulation
09:30 Introduction
09:45 WS05-A01 Algorithmic Aspects of Extended Waveform Inversion
W. Symes* (Rice University)
10:10 WS05-A02 Inversion Velocity Analysis - The Importance of Regularisation
H. Chauris* (Mines ParisTech), C.A. Lameloise (Mines ParisTech) & E. Cocher (Mines ParisTech)
10:35 WS05-A03 Optimizing the Input Model for Waveform Inversion Using Image-domain Wavefield Tomography with Illumination Compensation
E.F. Diaz Pantin* (Colorado School of Mines) & P.C. Sava (Colorado School of Mines)
11:00 Discussion session
11:15 Coffee break
Session Beyond Classical MVA
11:30 WS05-B01 Migration Velocity Analysis Combining Reflected and Direct Waves in a Crosswell Configuration
C.A. Lameloise* (MINES ParisTech) & H. Chauris (MINES ParisTech)
11:55 WS05-B02 Is Image-warping a Robust Tool for Image Domain Tomography?
F. Perrone* (CGG) & P. Sava (Colorado School of Mines)
12:20 WS05-B03 Utilization of Multiples in Simultaneous Image Building and Velocity Estimation 
A.J. Berkhout* (Delft University of Technology), D.J. Verschuur (Delft University of Technology), X.R. Staal (Delft University of Technology) & M. Davydenko (Delft University of Technology)
12:45 Discussion session
13:00 Lunch break
Session Applications / Feasibility
14:00 WS05-C01 Affordable Full Subsurface Image Volume - An Application to WEMVA
T. van Leeuwen (Utrecht University, The Netherlands), R. Kumar* (University of British Columbia) & F. J. Herrmann (University of British Columbia)
14:25 WS05-C02 3D RTM-based Wave Path Tomography Tested at a Realistic Scale
P.M. Bakker* (Shell Global Solutions International BV), S. Gerritsen (Brunei Shell Petroleum Co Sdn Bhd) & Q. Cao (Shell International Exploration and Production Inc)
14:50 WS05-C03 Application of Plane-wave Extended Waveform Inversion to an Onshore Seismic Dataset
Y. Liu (China University of Petroleum), W. Symes* (Rice University), C.H. Zhu (SINOPEC Exploration & Production Research Institut), Y.Q. Chen (SINOPEC Exploration & Production Research Institut) & M.Q. Luo (BroadGeo Inc.)
15:15 Discussion session
15:30 Coffee break
Session MVA and FWI
15:45 WS05-D01 Strength and Limitation of FWI - What Can Tomographic Approaches Bring? 
G. Lambare* (CGG) & T. Allemand (CGG)
16:10 WS05-D02 Joint Full Waveform Inversion of Diving Waves and Reflected Waves for Velocity Model Building
W. Zhou (ISTerre, Universite Grenoble Alpes), R. Brossier (ISTerre, Universite Grenoble Alpes), S. Operto (Geoazur, CNRS, Universite Nice-Sophia Antipolis) & J.M. Virieux* (Universite Joseph Fourier)
16:35 WS05-D03 An Auxiliary Bump Functional to Overcome Cycle Skipping in Waveform Inversion
P. Bharadwaj* (Delft University of Technology), W.A. Mulder (Shell GSI BV & Delft University of Technology) & G.G. Drijkoningen (Delft University of Technology)
17:00 Discussion session
17:15 Wrap-up and closing