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It is estimated that about 50% of the world’s oil and gas reserves are held in carbonate reservoirs, yet they are not well understood and their properties are difficult to predict. Diagenesis and fracturing are the two main processes that often cause carbonate fields to be highly heterogeneous in comparison to their clastic counterparts. The highly variable range of reservoir properties make carbonate assets challenging to both characterize and produce. New tools, techniques and more rigorous characterization and modeling methods are required to address the complexities of these reservoirs.
Diagenesis and fracturing of carbonates begin at deposition and continue during burial and uplift. Sometimes they follow independent pathways, but often they are so intimately related that one cannot be understood without the other. Compaction and diagenesis condition the rock mechanical properties that ultimately dictate fracture patters. On the other hand, fractures provide conduits for some of the fluid flow that control diagenesis.
The main goal of this session is to discuss the different aspects of data, tools, and models for carbonate reservoir characterization through sharing of methodologies, concepts and case studies around diagenetic processes, natural fractures, and their interaction and impact on reservoir quality. We would like to also put special emphasis on the controls on fluid flow through carbonates. Particularly the use of flow models coupled with rock mechanics or the use of geomechanics to understand paleo-fluid flow and its potential diagenetic imprint.
The session would consist of three sections dedicated to diagenesis, fracturing and the interaction between both processes via fluid flow. Each segment would have key note speakers and if possible a poster session for further discussion.


  Morning session
09:30 Introduction
09:45 WS08-A01 Facies and Diagenesis Control on Diffuse Fractures in Carbonates
J. Lamarche* (Cerege)

WS08-A02 Synkinematic and Postkinematic Cementation of Fractures in Carbonate Reservoirs - Implications for Porosity Preservation

E. Ukar* (Bureau of Economic Geology)

11:20 Discussion session
11:55 Coffee break
  Afternoon session
12:15 WS08-B01 Fracture Corridors in Carbonates
S. Chatelée* (Cerege), J. Lamarche (Cerege) & B.D.M. Gauthier (Total S.A.)
12:45 WS08-B02 Fracture Modeling in a Complex Carbonate Reservoir - The Lubina-Montanazo Field, Offshore Spain 
O. Fernandez* (Repsol), M. Masini (Repsol), R.M. Aguilar (Repsol), M. Victoria (Repsol), A. Briceño (Repsol) & P. Calderón (Repsol)
13:15 Lunch break
14:25 WS08-B03 The Kurdamir-Topkhana Field of Kurdistan - Modelling Clinoforms, Dolomitisation, Porosity Distribution and Fracturing
R.B. Owens* (Talisman Energy Inc), J. Hsieh (Talisman Energy Inc), D. Nolan (Talisman Energy Inc) & B. Veilleux (Talisman Energy Inc)
15:55 Coffee break
  Discussion and debate
16:10 Discussion session
16:25 Wrap-up and debate
16:50 Closing