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Invitation to Madrid '15

Society today, fed by the massive pool of knowledge and the speed of current communications, is exerting a healthy pressure on our scientific community to mitigate the dependence on fossil fuels and, with that, improve our environment.

Nevertheless, I feel obligated to ask myself two questions: What if efficient alternatives take longer than expected? What if fine-tuning of global climate models indicates more complex interactions between natural and man-made effects than currently accepted? The only answer to both a belief or denial position is a deeper scientific understanding and further technology development. We require scientific debate to better understand the key underlying issues and technology advance to continue providing the energy resources needed: without compromising our future energy needs while assuring our communities the smallest possible negative impact.

The global nature of EAGE’s annual convention and the multidisciplinary assembly it is able to involve can expose plural points of view on these subjects. This is a golden opportunity to set the agenda to provide answers in the medium term. Progress will not be achieved without an open sharing of knowledge, which is the basis of our Convention.

Don’t miss Madrid 2015. This is indeed an occasion to position 'Earth Science for Energy and Environment'. After Bruce’s tempting offer of infinite waterways and bridges for Amsterdam 2014, we can only promise you the same intensive technical presentations and debates, amidst the warm and dry Castilian days, and refreshing evenings in the shadows of the Guadarrama range. Madrid, in itself, is sufficient reason to attend, but should you need a bonus to entice you and your partner then, Segovia, Toledo, Avila, El Escorial and Aranjuez are all within a stone’s throw. I hope you can make it and if you do, I wish you a pleasant stay in our Madrid 2015!

Marcos Mozetic
Chairman, Local Advisory Committee