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Call for Papers Deadline

Friday 15 May 2015 23:59 hrs (GMT +1) will be the final day that we can accept abstracts for this event.

Anti-plagiarism Statement

EAGE conferences invite the presentation of new and original material in a range of multi-disciplinary topics in Geoscience and Engineering. The EAGE takes plagiarism very seriously. Therefore, if an extended abstract or paper, after careful review, examination and consideration, is rejected on the basis of plagiarism, ALL authors of the abstract/paper will be denied the opportunity for further abstract submissions for the following 3 years. Note that this means that NO abstracts/papers from ANY of the authors (as author or co-author on subsequent papers) will be accepted for ANY EAGE event (Annual Meeting or Workshop) for a period of 3 years starting on the date of the event for which the paper was originally submitted.

Abstract Submission

Abstracts must be in English, typed and have a minimum of two pages and a maximum of four pages in length (including figures and excluding references). Abstracts should explain the nature of the content as well as summarise results, and major conclusions to be presented.

Authors may submit more than one abstract for consideration. However the Workshop Committee plans for one paper per presenter at the workshop.

Selection process
The committee will meet in June 2015 to consider all abstracts submitted to the EAGE Middle East Office by the deadline.

Notification of acceptance will be sent by email towards the end of June 2015. Further information about registration for the workshop will be announced at the same time.


Accepted abstracts will be published on EarthDoc, which is the official EAGE publication, as submitted. Badly written abstracts not only reflect poorly on the authors, but also on the association. Many professionals read the accepted abstracts other than those attending the presentation. Therefore EAGE will only consider properly written and informative abstracts.

In case authors want to withdraw their abstracts: this can be done until 4 weeks (20 working days) before the event takes place. After this date, it is possible to withdraw the abstract from Earthdoc; it is not possible to withdraw the abstract from USB sticks / flash drives (proceedings) which have been taken into production by then.

Copyright will remain with EAGE unless a release from this condition is obtained at the time of submission. Copyright will return to the author 6 months after presentation, only if by that time he or she has not been informed that the EAGE intends to extend the copyright.

Authors are encouraged to submit their material for publication in one of the journals of the association. Acceptance for the conference does not guarantee acceptance for publication in one of the journals.


EAGE cannot make any contributions toward coverage of expenses relating to the presentation.