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Luca Bertelli, Chief Exploration Officer

He graduated cum laude in geology in 1983 from the University of Florence.

In 1984 joined Eni’s geophysics division where he worked first as a researcher in the development of 3D seismic prospecting technology and subsequently as a manager of 3D seismic prospecting  programmes, and specialising in  seismic-stratigraphy.

In 1994 he was appointed Manager of seismic-stratigraphy applications and in 1999 expanded the technical-managerial scope of his activities becoming Eni’s Manager of geological and geophysical services. 

At the end of 2001, his career took a new international turn with roles of increasing managerial complexity over a period of eight years, starting in Norway where he was Technical Director and Deputy Managing Director of Norsk Agip.

In 2003 he was appointed Managing Director of Eni Indonesia and in 2006 moved to Egypt as General Manager and Managing Director, a role he covered also at Eni Angola in 2007.

In 2009 he returned to Eni’s headquarters as Senior Vice President Global Exploration. At the beginning of 2010 he was appointed Executive Vice President of Exploration and Unconventional.

Since 1 July 2014 Luca Bertelli has been Eni’s Chief Exploration Officer.