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Carlo Rizzi is a geologist with over 35 years experience in E&P. He joined Eni in 1980 and since then has held positions in conventional exploration as regional geologist, explorationist, chief geologist, Exploration Manager, Manager of Geological Services, both in Eni HQ in Milan and in several overseas assignments (Norway, exploring the North Sea, USA, exploring the Gulf Coast, Egypt, both Red Sea and Nile Delta, Tunisia, Ghadames basin and offshore, Croatia, Adriatic Sea gas). In his career he has been active in all aspects of the exploration business, from new ventures evaluations to prospect generation, studies in sedimentology, petrography, stratigraphy, well operations and post well evaluation. He has also been working alongside reservoir and engineering teams, with formal roles in reserve evaluation and certification, economic evaluations, and project management. Since 2013 he has been working in Unconventional, focusing in particular on Eni exploration operations in its West Texas acreage; he is now in charge of Eni Unconventional Exploration.