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Tuesday 12 April 2016
SessionStarting timeLocation
Exploration & Production in Unconventional Reservoirs09.00Conference Hall A
Forward and Inverse Seismic Problems09.00Conference Hall C
Fractured Reservoirs09.00Poster box 1
Interpretation of Seismic Data09.00Conference Hall D
Regional Geology09.00Conference Hall B
Case Studies in Exploration & Production09.30Poster box 1
Field Development, EOR, Monitoring and Drilling10.30Poster box 2
Reservoir Modelling14.00Poster box 3
Risk and Uncertainty Analysis15.15Conference Hall C

Wednesday 13 April 2016
SessionStarting timeLocation
Case Studies in Exploration & Production09.00Conference Hall A
Core and Fluid Analysis09.00Conference Hall D
Regional Geology09.00Poster box 1
Seismic Processing09.00Conference Hall C
The Arctic Shelf - Technologies and Prospects for Development of Mineral Resources09.00Conference Hall B
Well Logging10.00Poster box 2
Seismic Inversion11.30Poster box 2
Commercial Presentation12.15Conference Hall C
Fractured Reservoirs14.00Conference Hall B
Nonseismic Methods of Exploration14.00Conference Hall C
Rock Physics and Geomechanics – Theory and Practice14.00Conference Hall D
Field Development, EOR, Monitoring and Drilling15.15Conference Hall A
Near Surface Geophysics16.00Conference Hall B

Thursday 14 April 2016
SessionStarting timeLocation
Dedicated session in memory of Sergey Goldin09.00Conference Hall C
Field Development, EOR, Monitoring and Drilling09.00Conference Hall A
Seismic Processing09.00Poster box 1
Well Logging09.00Conference Hall D
Nonseismic Methods of Exploration10.00Poster box 2
Reservoir Modelling11.00Conference Hall A
Core and Fluid Analysis. Rock Physics and Geomechanics–Theory and Practice14.00Poster box 3
AVO, AVA Inversion14.50Conference Hall D