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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Optimizing Marine Acquisition Design
RoomStolz 0
TypeOral session
ChairmanA.M. Ziolkowski - University of Edinburgh
R.G. van Borselen - Aramco Overseas Co BV

08:30Tu STZ0 01 Optimising an Acquisition Design for Sub-salt Targets Using Full Wave Modelling
R. Lencrerot* (Total), J. Colonge (Total) & F. Studer (Total)
08:55Tu STZ0 02 3D Anisotropic Elastic Wave Illumination and Target-oriented Visibilty Analysis
H.Y. Sun* (Jilin University), L.G. Han (Jilin University), T.Z. Zhang (Jilin University) & F.J. Zhang (Jilin University)
09:20Tu STZ0 03 Cooperating for Optimizing Seismic Acquisition - A Case Study in the Horda Tampen Area
R. Laurain* (Statoil ASA), G. Pattison (Reservoir Imaging Ltd), T. Elboth (CGG) & J. Pollatos (Dolphin Geophysical)
09:45Tu STZ0 04 Taking Ocean-bottom Seismic to the Next Level with Efficient Acquisition
B. Lewis (BP), J. Stone (BP), J. Northall (BP), C. Brooks (BP), T. Manning (BP) & W.E.A. Rietveld* (BP)
10:10 Break
10:30Tu STZ0 05 Results from a Recent Ocean Bottom Node Field Trial, in a Shallow Water and High Current Environment, Indonesia
J.A. Stone (BP Indonesia), T. Manning (BP Indonesia), D. Priyambodo (BP Indonesia), D. Suryanto (BP Indonesia), P. Santoso (BP Indonesia) & T. Septyana* (BP Indonesia)
10:55Tu STZ0 06 Equivalent Offset Migration of Vertical Cable Seismic Data to Estimate the Velocity Model in Hydrothermal Deposits
K. Tara* (University of Tokyo), E. Asakawa (J-MARES/JGI), F. Murakami (JGI), H. Tsukahara (JGI) & J. Mclntyre (Primecast)
11:20Tu STZ0 07 Towed Marine Dipole Source for Shear Wave Generation
Y. Nagai* (IHI corporation), A. Tsuda (IHI corporation), H. Ozasa (IHI corporation), H. Hatanaka (IHI corporation), K. Tanaka (IHI corporation), M. Tagami (IHI corporation), F. Sato (IHI corporation), J. Takekawa (Kyoto University) & H. Mikada (Kyoto University)