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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Exploration and Fields
RoomLehar 3
TypeOral session
ChairmanM.F. Francis - Schlumberger
J. Nicholson - BG Group plc

10:30Tu LHR3 05 Integrating Geophysical and Geological Models for De-risking Hydrocarbon Exploration - A Rio del Rey Basin Case Study
P.G. Wilson* (Glencore Exploration Cameroon Ltd), J. Wanstall (Glencore Exploration Cameroon Ltd), M.P. Jameson (Glencore Exploration Cameroon Ltd), M. Nuzzo (Integrated Geochemical Interpretation Ltd), P. Nguema (Societe Nationale des Hydrocarbures du Cameroun) & S. Tamfu (Societe Nationale des Hydrocarbures du Cameroun)
10:55Tu LHR3 06 A Successful Geophysical Prediction of Fractured Porous Basement Reservoir - Rolvsnes Oil Discovery 2015, Utsira High
J.E. Lie* (Lundin Norway), E.H. Nilsen (Lundin Norway AS), E. Grandal (Lundin Norway), K. Grue (Lundin Norway) & R. Sørlie (Lundin Norway)
11:20Tu LHR3 07 De-risking Drill Decisions - A Case Study on the Benefit of Re-processing Conventionally Acquired Seismic Data
E. Knight (EnQuest), J. Raffle (ION), S. Davies (ION), H. Sherazi-Selby (ION), E. Evans (ION), M. Johnson (EnQuest) & I.F. Jones* (ION)
11:45Tu LHR3 08 Infill Opportunities after 45 Years of Production from the L10 Central Gas Field, Dutch Sector of the Southern North Sea
G. Daniau* (ENGIE E&P International), J. Guyomard (ENGIE E&P Nederland B.V.), H. de Haan (ENGIE E&P Nederland B.V.) & T. Benedictus (ENGIE Nederland B.V.)