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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Dedicated - Integrated Data for Geological and Reservoir Models
RoomLehar 4
TypeOral session
ChairmanR. Villegas - University of Manchester
M. Paydayesh - Schlumberger

08:30Tu LHR4 01 Reservoir Model Assessment Using 4D Seismic - A Simulator to Seismic Modelling Study
H. Amini* (Heriot-Watt University) & C. MacBeth (Heriot-Watt University)
08:55Tu LHR4 02 Geomechanically Calibrated Rock Physics Modelling for 4D Seismic Response Prediction
M. Paydayesh* (Schlumberger) & A. Shamsa (Schlumberger)
09:20Tu LHR4 03 Well Testing and Geological Modelling - Theory and Practice
H. Hamdi* (University of Calgary)
09:45Tu LHR4 04 Big-loop Model Conditioning Using Seismic and Geological Information
R. Hanea (Statoil ASA), T. Ek (Statoil ASA) & M. Ayzenberg* (Statoil ASA)
10:10 Break
10:30Tu LHR4 05 Structural Parameters Effect on the Sleipner CO2 Underground Storage Simulation History Match
F. Jedari Eyvazi* (TNO)
10:55Tu LHR4 06 History Matching of Reservoirs by Updating Fault Properties and Rock-fluid Properties Using 4D Seismic Results
I. Mahmood* (University of Manchester) & R. Villegas (University of Manchester)
11:20Tu LHR4 07 Integrated Structural Reconstruction and History Matching Using Ensemble Filter and Low-frequency Electromagnetic Data
C. Etienam* (University of Manchester), R. Villegas (University of Manchester) & M. Babaei (University of Manchester)
11:45Tu LHR4 08 Geostatistical History Matching with Ensemble Updating
M.J. Quintão (CERENA/Instituto Superior Técnico), A. Soares (CERENA/Instituto Superior Técnico) & L. Azevedo* (CERENA/Instituto Superior Técnico)