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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Rock Physics I
RoomSchubert 5
TypeOral session
ChairmanB. Gurevich - Curtin University
P.N.J. Rasolofosaon - IFP Energies Nouvelles

08:30Tu SBT5 01 Dispersion and Attenuation for the Drained/Undrained Transition - Modelling the Experiment
L. Pimienta* (ENS - Laboratoire de Geologie), J. Borgomano (ENS - Laboratoire de Géologie), J. Fortin (ENS - Laboratoire de Géologie) & Y. Guéguen (ENS - Laboratoire de Géologie)
08:55Tu SBT5 02 Multiscale Measurement for Wave Dispersion in Consolidated Sandstones
X.Y. Ma* (China University of Petroleum), S.X. Wang (China University of Petroleum), J.G. Zhao (China University of Petroleum) & H.J. Yin (China University of Petroleum)
09:20Tu SBT5 03 Reciprocity and Microinhomogeneity in Poroelasticity
T.M. Mueller* (CSIRO Energy) & P.N. Sahay (CICESE)
09:45Tu SBT5 04 Velocity-saturation Relation in Partially Saturated Rocks - Modelling the Effect of Injection Rate Changes
J.W. Liu* (Tsinghua University), T.M. Muller (CSIRO Energy), Q.M. Qi (Curtin University), M. Lebedev (Curtin University) & W.T. Sun (Tsinghua University)
10:10 Break
10:30Tu SBT5 05 A Set-up for Dispersions and Attenuations Measurements in Fluid-saturated Rocks
L. Pimienta* (ENS - Laboratoire de Geologie), J. Fortin (ENS - Laboratoire de Géologie) & Y. Guéguen (ENS - Laboratoire de Géologie)
10:55Tu SBT5 06 A Dual Porosity Solid Substitution Recipe for Heavy Oil Rocks
S. Glubokovskikh* (Curtin University), B. Gurevich (Curtin University) & N. Saxena (Shell International Exploration and Production)
11:20Tu SBT5 07 Clay Distribution Effects on the Joint Elastic-electrical Properties of Shaly Sandstones
N. Aladwani* (University of Southampton), A.I. Best (National Oceanography Centre), L.J. North (National Oceanography Centre) & T.A. Minshull (University of Southampton)
11:45Tu SBT5 08 An Investigation into the Non-Newtonian Behavior of Polymer Flow in Porous Medium
S. Aghabozorgi Nafchi* (University of Tehran) & B. Rostami (University of Tehran)