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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Potential Field Methods Case Studies
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TypePoster session
ChairmanG. Florio - University of Naples Federico II
S.H. Motavalli-Anbaran - University of Tehran

08:30Tu P1 01 3D Modeling of the Regional Basement Structure Off- and Onshore Congo Based on Inversion of Satellite-derived Gravity Da
M. Behm* (OMV), P. Gay (OMV) & P. Dzido (OMV)
08:55Tu P1 02 Applying Magnetic Magnitude Transforms to Aid Structural Mapping in Areas Where the RTP Calculation Is Unreliable
S. Cheyney* (Getech), C.M. Green (Getech; University of Leeds), S.J. Campbell (Getech) & D. de Lerma (Getech)
09:20Tu P1 03 Noise Rejection in Processing of Magnetic Data - 2D Fourier Transformation Treated as an Inverse Problem
H. Szegedi (University of Miskolc), A. Kiss* (University of Miskolc), M. Dobroka (University of Miskolc) & Á. Gyulai (University of Miskolc)
09:45Tu P1 04 Approximate CRUST1.0 Model-based and Space-domain Calculated Gravitational Effect of the Earth Crust
J. Mikuška* (G-trend Ltd), I. Marušiak (G-trend, Ltd.), P. Zahorec (Earth Science Institute, Slovak Academy of Science), J. Papčo (Slovak University of Technology) & R. Pašteka (Comenius University)
10:10 Break
10:30Tu P1 05 Applications of the Fractional Order Analytic Signal amplitude and Local Wavenumber
G.R.J. Cooper* (University of the Witwatersrand)
10:55Tu P1 06 3D Inversion of Gravity Gradient Data Based on Cokriging to Identify the Dip Angle of a Dipping Dike Model
X. Gao (Jilin University), D. Huang (Jilin University), S. Sun (Jilin University), S. Zhou (Jilin University), Z. Qiao (Jilin University), W. Zhou (Jilin University) & Y. Qi* (Jilin University)