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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Reservoir Characterization I
RoomLehar 3
TypeOral session
ChairmanR.D. Benson - Colorado School of Mines
J.F. Mengual - Saudi Aramco

13:30Tu LHR3 09 Reservoir Architecture Modelling for Geothermal Energy Production - Case Study of the Delft Sandstone Member, West Netherlands
M.E. Donselaar* (Delft University of Technology)
13:55Tu LHR3 10 Comparison of the Petrography and Petrophysical Parameters of Fontainebleau Sandstone - Measurements and Literature
F.S Al Saadi* (Shell Global Solutions International B.V), K.H. Wolf (TU Delft) & C.K. Kruijsdijk (Shell Global Solutions International B.V)
14:20Tu LHR3 11 Reservoir Quality within the Johan Castberg (Formerly Skrugard) Field in the South-Western Barents Sea
A. Jabbar* (University of Oslo) & J. Jahren (University of Oslo)
14:45Tu LHR3 12 Characterization of Microscopic Pore Structure and Its Effect on Macroscopic Physical Parameters in Tight Gas Reservoirs
L.C. Zhang* (China University of Petroleum (East China)), S.F. Lu (China University of Petroleum (East China)) & D.S. Xiao (China University of Petroleum (East China))
15:10 Break
15:30Tu LHR3 13 New Insights on the Characterisation of the Pyroclastic-rich Bajo Barreal Fluvial Reservoir (Argentina)
A. Moscariello (University of Geneva), B. Šegvić (University of Geneva), R. Lehu (YPF Subsurface Studies), G. Pedersen (YPF Subsurface Studies), J. Gonus* (Geneva Petroleum Consultants International), C. Arbiol González (University of Geneva), A. Limeres (YPF Subsurface Studies), C. Bernhardt (YPF Subsurface Studies), D. Perez (YPF Subsurface Studies), A. Thompson (YPF Subsurface Studies), F. Dandrea (YPF Subsurface Studies), D. Ancheta (YPF Subsurface Studies), A. Saccomano (YPF Subsurface Studies), G. Vocaturo (YPF Subsurface Studies), B. Sallier (Geneva Petroleum Consultants International), J. Massaferro (YPF Subsurface Studies) & E. Morettini (YPF Subsurface Studies)
15:55Tu LHR3 14 Relationship between Rock Typing and Petrography - A Case Study on the Fahliyan Formation in the Persian Gulf
M. Goodarzi* (Pars Petro Zagros Engineering & Services Co. (PPZ)), M. Jamalian (Pars Petro Zagros Engineering & Services Co. (PPZ)), D. Amirsardari (Petroleum Engineering and Development Company), M. Jamalian (Islamic Azad University, Science and Research) & J. Shoghi (Pars Petro Zagros Engineering & Services Co. (PPZ))
16:20Tu LHR3 15 Reservoir Characterization of Giant Gas Condensate Bearing Kangan and Dalan Formations
S. Dowlati* (University of Tehran)