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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Depositional Systems
RoomLehar 4
TypeOral session
ChairmanC.J. Lowrey - Bayerngas Norway AS

13:30Tu LHR4 09 Different Approaches for Prediction of Reservoir Volume in Slope Channel Complexes (Miocene, Offshore Nile Delta, Egypt)
S. Lang* (DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG), G. von Halem (DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG), A.H. Hassan Soliman (DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG) & U. Lorang (DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG)
13:55Tu LHR4 10 Stratigraphic Compartmentalization of the Alvheim Field
A. Hjellbakk* (Det norske oljeselskap ASA), A. Bang (Det norske oljeselskap ASA), A. Kotwicki (Det norske oljeselskap ASA), K. Langaas (Det norske oljeselskap ASA), M.A. Leonthin (Det norske oljeselskap ASA) & K.L. Stuart (Marathon International Oil (G.B) Limited)
14:20Tu LHR4 11 Mid-late Miocene Sea Level Falls, Gas Hydrates Decay, Submarine Sliding, and Tsunamites in the Black Sea Basin
A.A. Kitchka* (SE NaukaNaftogaz), A.P. Tyshchenko (SE NaukaNaftogaz) & V.I. Lysenko (Moscow State Univ. Sevastopol Branch)
14:45Tu LHR4 12 Deep Water Depositional Architecture, Evolution and Reservoir Potential in the Rakhine Basin, Offshore Myanmar
Z.C. Xu* (PetroChina Hangzhou Research Institute of Geology), H.X. Ma (PetroChina Hangzhou Research Institute of Geology), G.Z. Fan (PetroChina Hangzhou Research Institute of Geology), F.L. Lu (PetroChina Hangzhou Research Institute of Geology) & L.B. Ding (PetroChina Hangzhou Research Institute of Geology)
15:10 Break
15:30Tu LHR4 13 Sequence Stratigraphy of the Middle Jurassic Dhruma Formation in the Oman Mountains (Sultanate of Oman)
M. Schlaich* (University of Tübingen) & T. Aigner (University of Tübingen)
15:55Tu LHR4 14 Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of the Lower Cretaceous of South Pakistan
S. Mahmoud* (KUFPEC (Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Co))
16:20Tu LHR4 15 Hydrocarbon Occurrences and Deformation Styles in the Zagros - A Focus on the Kurdistan and Lorestan HC Provinces
R. Di Cuia (G.E.Plan Consulting), P. Pace (G.E.Plan Consulting), R. Bitonte (G.E.Plan Consulting) & A. Riva* (G.E.Plan Consulting)
16:45Tu LHR4 16 Detachment Folding in the Polar Urals Foreland - Structural Geology and Hidden Petroleum Potential
K. Sobornov* (Nord-West Ltd), V. Danilov (Gazprom VNIIGAZ), P. Prijmak (Timan Pechora Gas Company) & N. Nikinov (TP NIC)