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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Seismic Interferometry - Theory and Applications
RoomLehar 5
TypeOral session
ChairmanC. Page - RPS Energy
S.A.L. de Ridder - University of Edinburgh

13:30Tu LHR5 09 A Single-sided Representation for Virtual Sources and Virtual Receivers
K. Wapenaar* (Delft University of Technology), J.W. Thorbecke (Delft University of Technology), J.R. van der Neut (Delft University of Technology), S. Singh (Colorado School of Mines), E.C. Slob (Delft University of Technology) & R. Snieder (Colorado School of Mines)
13:55Tu LHR5 10 Full-wavefield Redatuming of Perturbed Fields with the Marchenko Method
I. Vasconcelos* (Schlumberger) & J. van der Neut (Delft University of Technology)
14:20Tu LHR5 11 Constructing Only the Primary Reflections in Seismic Data - Without Multiple Removal
G.A. Meles* (University of Edinburgh), K. Wapenaar (Delft University of Technology), A. Curtis (University of Edinburgh) & C. da Costa Filho (University of Edinburgh)
14:45Tu LHR5 12 Coupled Seismo-electromagnetic Interferometry for 2D Homogeneous SH-TE Scenarios
N. Grobbe* (Delft University of Technology), E.C. Slob (Delft University of Technology) & C.P.A. Wapenaar (Delft University of Technology)
15:10 Break
15:30Tu LHR5 13 Anisotropic Seismic Noise Gradiometry by Elliptically-anisotropic Wave Equation Inversion - An Example at Ekofisk
S.A.L. de Ridder* (University of Edinburgh) & A. Curtis (University of Edinburgh)
15:55Tu LHR5 14 Use of Ambient Noise to Enhance Low Frequencies Seismic Migration Images
B. De Cacqueray* (CGG), J. Cotton (CGG), F. Duret (CGG), C. Berron (CGG) & E. Forgues (CGG)
16:20Tu LHR5 15 Shallow Rayleigh-wave Tomography Using Traffic Noise from Long Beach, California, USA
J.P. Chang* (Stanford University), S.A.L. de Ridder (University of Edinburgh) & B.L. Biondi (Stanford University)
16:45Tu LHR5 16 Locating Scatterers Ahead of a Tunnel Boring Machine Using Noise Correlation
U. Harmankaya* (Istanbul Technical University), A. Kaslilar (Istanbul Technical University), K. Wapenaar (Delft University of Technology) & D. Draganov (Delft University of Technology)