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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Low Salinity Waterflooding and Rock Wettability (EAGE/SPE)
RoomSchubert 2
TypeOral session
ChairmanK.H. Wolf - Delft University of Technology
T. CLEMENS - OMV Exploration & Production GmbH

13:30Tu SBT2 09 Experimental Validation of a Pore-scale Derived Dimensionless Capillary Pressure Function for Imbibition under Mixed Wet Conditions
Y. Zhou* (University of Aberdeen), J. Helland (IRIS), D. Hatzignatiou (University of Stavanger), R. Ahsan (Statoil) & A. Hiorth (IRIS and UiS)
13:55Tu SBT2 10 Insights of Berea Sandstone Wettability Alteration as A-model of Sandstone Reservoir through Contact Angle Measurement
R. Kareem* (Durham University), P. Cubillas (Durham University), H. J.Riggs (Durham University), J. Gluyas (Durham University), D.R. Gröcke (Durham University) & H.C. Greenwell (Durham University)
14:20Tu SBT2 11 Optimizing the Low Salinity Water for EOR Effects in Sandstone Reservoirs - Composition vs Salinity
I.D. Piñerez Torrijos* (University of Stavanger), T. Puntervold (University of Stavanger), S. Strand (University of Stavanger) & A. Rezaeidoust (Statoil ASA)
14:45Tu SBT2 12 Geochemical Interpretation and Field Scale Optimization of Low Salinity Water Flooding
N.T. Nguyen* (University of Calgary), C.T. Dang (Computer Modelling Group Ltd), L.X. Nghiem (Computer Modelling Group Ltd) & Z. Chen (University of Calgary)
15:10 Break
15:30Tu SBT2 13 Understanding the Chemical Mechanisms for Low Salinity Waterflooding
C. Qiao* (Pennsylvania State University), R.T. Johns (Pennsylvania State University) & J. Li (Pennsylvania State University)
15:55Tu SBT2 14 Integrated Modeling for Assisted History Matching and Production Forecasting of Low Salinity Waterflooding
C.T. Dang* (Computer Modelling Group Ltd), L.X. Nghiem (Computer Modelling Group Ltd), N.T. Nguyen (University of Calgary), Z. Chen (University of Calgary) & C. Yang (Computer Modelling Group Ltd)
16:20Tu SBT2 15 Effects of Injection Rate of Low Salinity Brine on Oil Recovery Mechanisms and Relative Permeability Curves
F. Srisuriyachai* (Chulalongkorn University), S. Panthuvichien (Chulalongkorn University), T. Phomsuwansiri (Chulalongkorn University) & W. Katekaew (Chulalongkorn University)
16:45Tu SBT2 16 Modelling of Geochemical Reactions During Smart Water Injection in Carbonate Reservoirs
Y. Hu* (Heriot-Watt University) & E. Mackay (Heriot-Watt University)