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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Well Performance Optimization and Flow Assurance
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TypePoster session
ChairmanH. Hamdi - University of Calgary

13:30Tu P2 09 Altering the Relaxation Modulus of Crude Oil Using Pulsated Magnetic Field
D. Pandey* (University of Petroleum & Energy Studies)
13:55Tu P2 10 Numerical Study of Thermohydrodynamic Processes in Inclined Wells with Variable Trajectory
R.F. Sharafutdinov* (Bashkir State University), R.A. Valiullin (Bashkir State University, NPF Geotec), A.S. Ramazanov (Bashkir State University), A. Sharipov (Bashkir State University) & T.R. Khabirov (Bashkir State University)
14:20Tu P2 11 A New Correlation for Prediction of Critical Two-phase Flow through Wellhead Chokes
H.R. Nasriani* (University of Central Lancashire), M. MoradiDowlatAbad (Heriot-Watt University) & A. Kalantariasl (The University of Adelaide)
14:45Tu P2 12 Case Study of Asphaltene Flow Assurance Risk Mitigation - Emerging Numerical Model to Evaluate Inhibitor Efficiency
H. Yonebayashi* (INPEX)
15:10 Break
15:30Tu P2 13 Dual and Intelligent Completions Optimize Producing Gas Wells
M Boussa* (Sonatrach)
15:55Tu P2 14 Acid Matrix Stimulation to Reveal Formation Damage in Greater Burgan Oilfield Clastic Reservoir
B.S Alshammari* (Kuwait Oil Company), N.M. Rane (Kuwait Oil Company), D.S. Almatar (Kuwait Oil Company) & A.K. Alrabah (Kuwait Oil Company)
16:20Tu P2 15 Development of a Comprehensive Well Performance Assessment in a Giant Gas Condensate Field
M. Sheydaeemehr* (National Iranian Oil Company), S. Dowlati (University of Tehran) & M. Pasdar (Research Institute of Petroleum Industry)
16:45Tu P2 16 Parametric Study of Condensate Bank Development and Well Productivity Loss in Gas Condensate Wells
A. Sheikhoushaghi* (University of Tehran), M. Ghoroori (Pars Petro Zagros (PPZ)) & M. Rasaei (University of Tehran)