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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Rock Physics (A)
RoomePosters 3
TypePoster session
ChairmanC. Hanitzsch - Wintershall Norge AS

13:30Tu P3 09 A Link between the Pressure Dependency of Elastic and Electrical Properties of Porous Rocks
T. Han (CSIRO), B. Gurevich (CSIRO & Curtin University), M. Pervukhina* (CSIRO) & M.B. Clennell (CSIRO)
13:55Tu P3 10 Application of Fine Rock Physical Modeling Techniques in High-quality Reservoir Prediction of Glutenite
B.L. Yu* (BGP,CNPC), X.H. Zhao (BGP,CNPC), Y. Deng (BGP,CNPC), X.L. Cao (BGP,CNPC) & H. Chen (BGP,CNPC)
14:20Tu P3 11 Capillary Pressure as a Source for Brie's Fluid Mixing Law
G Papageorgiou* (University of Edinburgh), K. Amalokwu (National Oceanography Centre) & M. Chapman (University of Edinburgh)
14:45Tu P3 12 Study on Anisotropy Affection Factors of Longmaxi Formation Shale
F. Zhou* (SINOPEC Geophysical Research Institute), W.H. Liu (SINOPEC Geophysical Research Institute) & X. Xi (SINOPEC Geophysical Research Institute)
15:10 Break
15:30Tu P3 13 A Decoupling Approach for Differential Equivalent Equations Based on Linear Approximation
L. Tian* (CNOOC), S.B. Hua (China University of Petroleum) & X.Y. Yin (China University of Petroleum)
15:55Tu P3 14 An Experimental Evidence of the Squirt-flow Effect in Glycerol-saturated Berea Sandstone at Seismic Frequencies
V. Mikhaltsevitch (Curtin University), M. Lebedev (Curtin University) & B. Gurevich* (Curtin University)
16:20Tu P3 15 Low-frequency Seismic Reflection from a Fractured Layer
A.G. Krylova* (University of Houston) & G.M. Goloshubin (University of Houston)
16:45Tu P3 16 Laser Doppler Interferometer Waveform Enhancement Using a Space-varying Median Filter along the Structural Direction
J.Y. Xie* (China University of Petroleum(Beijing)), B.R. Di (China University of Petroleum(Beijing)), J.X. Wei (China University of Petroleum(Beijing)), C.N. Liu (China University of Petroleum(Beijing)), Y.K. Chen (University of Texas at Austin) & S.W. Gan (China University of Petroleum(Beijing))