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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Simultaneous Sources
RoomLehar 2
TypeOral session
ChairmanG. Hampson - DownUnder GeoSolutions Pty Ltd
P. Doulgeris - Delft Inversion

08:30We LHR2 01 Where Are We Today with ISS® De-blending Processing Capability? Results from Shallow Water OBC Data, Indonesia
S. Wolfarth (BP Indonesia), D. Priyambodo (BP Indonesia), T. Manning (BP Indonesia), T. Septyana* (BP Indonesia) & S. Putri (BP Indonesia)
08:55We LHR2 02 Recovery of Blended Data - A Sparse Coding Approach for Seismic Acquisition
M. Guillouet* (CGG), A. Berthaud (CGG), T. Bianchi (CGG), G. Pignot (CGG), S. Mahrooqi (Petroleum Development Oman) & J. Shorter (Petroleum Development Oman)
09:20We LHR2 03 Design of Near-orthogonal Air-gun Sequences for Marine Seismic Source Encoding
M.B. Mueller* (ETH Zurich), D.F. Halliday (Schlumberger Gould Research), D.J. van Manen (ETH Zurich) & J.O.A. Robertsson (ETH Zurich)
09:45We LHR2 04 Record-length Extension by Rank-reduction De-blending
M. Maraschini* (Dolphin Geophysical Limited), A. Kielius (Dolphin Geophysical Limited), J.B. Barnes (Dolphin Geophysical Limited) & S. Grion (Dolphin Geophysical Limited)
10:10 Break
10:30We LHR2 05 Wavefield Signal Apparition, Part I - Theory
J.O.A. Robertsson* (ETH Zurich), L. Amundsen (Statoil) & Å. Sjøen Pedersen (Statoil)
10:55We LHR2 06 Wavefield Signal Apparition, Part II - Application to Simultaneous Sources and Their Separation
Å. Sjøen Pedersen* (Statoil), L. Amundsen (Statoil) & J.O.A. Robertsson (ETH Zurich)
11:20We LHR2 07 Simultaneous Source Separation Using Adaptive Robust Linear Algebra
C. Beasley* (WesternGeco), I. Moore (WesternGeco), R. Fletcher (WesternGeco) & C. Castellanos (WesternGeco)
11:45We LHR2 08 Simultaneous Source Separation Using an Annihilation Filter Approach
J. Rohnke* (CGG) & G. Poole (CGG)