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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Seismic Reservoir Characterization I - Seismic Inversion Advance
RoomLehar 3
TypeOral session
ChairmanJ.A. Edgar - Total E&P UK Limited
P. Lanfranchi - Maersk Oil

08:30We LHR3 01 An Amplitude-based Modeling Method and Its Application on the Impedance Inversion
Y. Zhang* (PEPRIS, Sinopec, China), Z. Jin (PEPRIS, Sinopec, China), Z. Sun (China University of Petroleum-Beijing), N. Dong (PEPRIS, Sinopec, China), Y. Chen (PEPRIS, Sinopec, China) & X. Liu (PEPRIS, Sinopec, China)
08:55We LHR3 02 Simple AVO Inversion for the Identification and Classification of Injected Heimdal Sands, Mariner Field, UKCS
N.J. McArdle* (Statoil Production UK), S. Østmo (Statoil ASA), P.J. McFadzean (Statoil Production UK) & E. Ødegaard (Statoil ASA)
09:20We LHR3 03 Prestack Simultaneous Inversion to Predict Lithology in the Realgrunnen Subgroup of the Goliat Field, SW Barents Sea
H.D. Yenwongfai* (University of Oslo/Statoil ASA), N.H. Mondol (University of Oslo), I. Lecomte (NORSAR/University of Oslo) & J.I. Faleide (University of Oslo)
09:45We LHR3 04 Realistic Uncertainty Quantification in Geostatistical Seismic Reservoir Characterization
A. Moradi Tehrani* (CGG), A. Stallone (Roma Tre University), R. Bornard (CGG) & S. Boudon (CGG)
10:10 Break
10:30We LHR3 05 Geostatistics Guided Seismic Inversion of 3D seismic data in VTI media
Q.R. Ren* (The University of Texas at Austin), M.S. Sen (The University of Texas At Austin), M.N. Naraghi (The University of Texas At Austin), S.S. Srinivasan (Pennsylvania State University) & K.T.S. Spikes (The University of Texas At Austin)
10:55We LHR3 06 Detecting Production Effects and By-passed Pay from 3D Seismic Data Using a Facies Based Bayesian Seismic Inversion
K.D. Waters* (Ikon Science Ltd), A.V. Somoza (Ikon Science Ltd), G. Byerley (Apache Corp) & P. Rose (Apache Corp)
11:20We LHR3 07 Impact of Integrating Initial Guess Models into Geostatistical Seismic Inversion
P. Pereira* (CERENA/Instituto Superior Técnico), L. Azevedo (CERENA/Instituto Superior Técnico), R. Nunes (CERENA/Instituto Superior Técnico) & A. Soares (CERENA/Instituto Superior Técnico)
11:45We LHR3 08 Probabilistic Seismic-petrophysical Inversion Applied for Reservoir Characterization in Offshore Nile Delta
M. Aleardi* (University of Pisa), F. Ciabarri (Edison), B. Garcea (Edison), F. Peruzzo (Edison) & A. Mazzotti (University of Pisa)