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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Optimizing Land Acquisition Design
RoomLehar 4
TypeOral session
ChairmanM.A. Hall - GeoVectra Ltd
N. Tellier - Sercel

08:30We LHR4 01 Real-time Adaptive Broadband Land Seismic Acquisition
A. Zhukov* (Lomonosov Moscow State University), I. Korotkov (Lomonosov Moscow State University), I. Nekrasov (GDS Ltd), T. Galikeev (Unifiedgeo Ltd) & E. Sidenko (Lomonosov Moscow State University)
08:55We LHR4 02 Maximizing Information Content of Seismic Data through Optimized Acquisition Design - A Case History from South Tunisia
M. Pastori (ENI), M. Buia (ENI), A. Masciarelli (ENI), G. Tortini (ENI), F. PradaliƩ (CGG), T. Bianchi (CGG), H. Millet (CGG), S. Trabelsi (CGG), W. Oueslati (CGG) & P. Herrmann* (CGG)
09:20We LHR4 03 Dithered Sweep Lengths - A New Technique for Attenuating Harmonic Noise in Vibroseis Data
T. Dean (Schlumberger Oilfield UK), K. Iranpour (WesternGeco), M. Clark (Schlumberger) & A. Poole* (Schlumberger)
09:45We LHR4 04 Shared Low Frequency Vibroseis Acquisition
C. Bagaini* (Schlumberger)
10:10 Break
10:30We LHR4 05 Using 2D Ring Arrays to Remove Back-scattered Surface Noise from Land Seismic Data
C. Stork (ION Geophysical), D. Flentge (ION Geophysical), C. Dingus (ION Geophysical), N. Bernitsas* (ION Geophysical) & P. Farmer (ION Geophysical)
10:55We LHR4 06 A New Slip Sweep Harmonic Elimination Method
Z. Men* (BGP,CNPC), J.F. Wang (BGP,CNPC), Y.S. Lei (BGP,CNPC), T. Ma (BGP,CNPC), H.Y. Li (BGP,CNPC), K.P. Hou (BGP,CNPC) & X.B. Shi (BGP,CNPC)
11:20We LHR4 07 Automated and Real-time Field PSTM - How to QC More Efficiently 10 Billion Traces Today and More Tomorrow
J.C. Cotton (CGG), M. Beilles (CGG), S. Mahrooqi (PDO), J. Shorter (PDO), M. Denis (CGG), S. Baris (CGG), E. Forgues (CGG), H. Chauris (MINES ParisTech) & E. Gillot* (CGG)