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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Electromagnetic Methods (A)
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TypePoster session
Chairman e2ae6abb-3ef0-4044-9685-e82c4f55dac8 - Schlumberger

08:30We P7 01 Analysis of Relationship of DNME Polarization Parameters with Reservoir Properties
S.J. Garina* (Siberian Geophysical Research Production Company), S.A. Ivanov (Siberian Geophysical Research Production Company), E.O. Kudryavceva (Siberian Geophysical Research Production Company), P.J. Legeido (Siberian Geophysical Research Production Company), O.F. Putikov (National University of the mineral resource) & A.A. Sitnikov (Siberian Geophysical Research Production Company)
08:55We P7 02 Leveling Time-domain-airborne Electromagnetic Data Using Constrained Polynomial Fitting
K. Zhu (Jilin University), Q. Zhang (Jilin University), Y. Meng* (Jilin University), Y. Li (Jilin University), Y. Cheng (Jilin University), C. Jiang (Jilin University), M. Dou (Jilin University) & J. Li (Jilin University)
09:20We P7 03 3D Anisotropic Inversion for ATEM Data
Y. Liu* (Jilin University), C. Yin (Jilin University), B. Zhang (Jilin University) & J. Cai (Jilin University)
09:45We P7 04 Practical Aspects in mCSEM Migration
A. Gola (Politecnico di Milano) & G. Bernasconi* (Politecnico di Milano)
10:10 Break
10:30We P7 05 The Magnetotelluric Amplitude Tensor as Compliment to the Phase Tensor for Mapping, Inversion and Distortion Analysis
M. Neukirch (CSIC - Institute of Marine Sciences), D. Rudolf (Mathematisches Institut, University of Jena) & X. Garcia* (CSIC - Institute of Marine Sciences)
10:55We P7 06 Optimized Synthetic Aperture for Enhancing the Detectability of Hydrocarbon in MCSEM
X. Wang* (China University of Petroleum-Beijing) & J.S. Shen (China University of Petroleum-Beijing)
11:20We P7 07 Three-dimensional Marine CSEM Forward Modelling in the Flemish Pass Basin Using Realistic Unstructured Meshes
M.W. Dunham* (Memorial University of Newfoundland), S. Ansari (Memorial University of Newfoundland) & C.G. Farquharson (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
11:45We P7 08 3D CSAMT Modeling with Topography
C. Yin (Jilin University), B. Zhang* (Jilin University), Y. Liu (Jilin University), J. Cai (Jilin University) & C. Wang (Jilin University)