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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Velocity and Seismic Imaging - Parameter Estimation and Case Histories (A)
RoomePosters 7
TypePoster session
ChairmanO.K. Zdraveva - WesternGeco
D. Rocha Jr. - Colorado School of Mines

13:30We P7 09 Are PSDM Depth Interpretations Reliable?
L. Sandjivy* (SeisQuaRe), A. SHTUKA (Seisquare) & M. COLLET (Seisquare)
13:55We P7 10 Sonic Log Based Velocity Optimization with Perforation Shots in Unconventional Oil and Gas Field
N. Shimoda* (Free University of Berlin), A. Reshetnikov (Free University of Berlin) & S. Shapiro (Free University of Berlin)
14:20We P7 11 A Workflow to Quantify Velocity Model Uncertainty
A.C. Bell (PGS), R. Lorenzo (PGS), T. Martin* (PGS), D. van der Berg (PGS) & B.P. Caselitz (PGS)
14:45We P7 12 Introducing Geological Constraints into Pre-processing to Improve Velocity Models and Imaging - Case Studies
C.E. Benson (Spectrum Geo Ltd), M. Cvetkovic (Spectrum Geo Inc), S. Spoors (Spectrum Geo Ltd), A. Intawong (Spectrum Geo Ltd), H. Nicholls (Spectrum Geo Ltd) & K. Rodriguez* (Spectrum Geo Ltd)