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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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13:30We P6 09 Integration of Pressure Transient Data into Reservoir Models Using the Fast Marching Method
C. Li (Texas A&M University) & M. King* (Texas A&M University)
13:55We P6 10 Investigation of CO2 Enhanced Gas Recovery in Shale Plays
K. Zhang (University of Calgary), Q. Liu (University of Calgary), M. Wang (University of Calgary), B. Kong* (University of Calgary), J. Lv (University of Calgary), K. Wu (University of Calgary), S. Chen (University of Calgary) & Z. Chen (University of Calgary)
14:45We P6 12 Biodegradation of Hydrocarbons As a Mechanism of Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery
C.C. Uzukwu* (University of Aberdeen) & D. Dionisi (University of Aberdeen)
15:10 Break
15:30We P6 13 Modeling of Foamy-oil Flow in Solvent-based Recovery Processes
X. Jia* (University of Calgary), J. Li (University of Regina), Z. Chen (University of Calgary), Y. Gu (University of Regina) & F. Zeng (University of Regina)
15:55We P6 14 Real Gas Transport through Complex Nanopores of Shale Gas Reservoirs
K. Wu* (University of Calgary) & Z.J. Chen (University of Calgary)
16:20We P6 15 Multi-scale Integration of 4D Seismic and Simulation Data to Improve Saturation Estimations
G.G. Correia* (State University of Campinas), A. Davolio (State University of Campinas) & D.J. Schiozer (State University of Campinas)
16:45We P6 16 Numerical Simulation of Natural Gas Flow in Shale Reservoirs with Thermodynamic Equation of State
A.K. Negara (Baker Hughes Inc), M.M. Elgassier (Baker Hughes Inc), B. Saad (Baker Hughes Inc) & H. Jutila* (Baker Hughes Inc)