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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Distributed Acoustic Sensors and Borehole Geophysics
RoomStolz 2
TypeOral session
ChairmanS. Soulas - BP

08:30Th STZ2 01 Estimation of Interval P Wave Orthorhombic Parameters from VSP Walkaway and Walkaround Data Using Differential Evolution
A. Padhi (Halliburton), R. Zhou (Halliburton), M.E. Willis* (Halliburton) & J. Zhu (Chesapeake Energy Corporation)
08:55Th STZ2 02 Calibration of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) VSP Data
M.E. Willis* (Halliburton), A. Ellmauthaler (Halliburton), X. Wu (Halliburton), D. Barfoot (Halliburton), C. Erdemir (Halliburton), O.A. Barrios-Lopez (Halliburton), D. Quinn (Halliburton) & S. Shaw (Halliburton)
09:20Th STZ2 03 Depth Calibration of Fibre-optic Distributed Vibration Sensing Measurements
T. Dean (Schlumberger Oilfield UK), T. Cuny* (Schlumberger), A. Constantinou (Schlumberger), P. Dickenson (Schlumberger), C. Smith (Schlumberger) & E. Hamouche (Schlumberger)
09:45Th STZ2 04 Learnings from Distributed Acoustic Sensing Data Processing for Seismic Applications - A Case Study from the North Sea
T. Hance (BP Exploration Operating Co. Ltd), T. Jiang (BP America Inc), G. Zhan (BP America Inc), E. Kjos (BP Norge AS), R. Geetan (BP America Inc), S. Soulas* (BP Exploration Operating Co. Ltd) & I. Thomas (BP Exploration Operating Co. Ltd)
10:10 Break
10:30Th STZ2 05 Walkaway VSP Using Multimode Optical Fibres in a Hybrid Wireline
G. Yu* (BGP Inc), Y.Z. Chen (BGP Inc.), X.M. Wang (BGP Inc.), Q.H. Zhang (BGP Inc.), Y.P. Li (BGP Inc.), B.Y. Zhao (Jidong Oilfield, CNPC), J.J. Wu (BGP Inc.) & J. Greer (Silixa)
10:55Th STZ2 06 Low-frequency Data Acquisition from High-frequency Source Using Half-cycle Pseudorandom Sweep
Y. Nakamura* (JOGMEC), M. Takanashi (JOGMEC), M. Nakatsukasa (JOGMEC), Y. Kunishi (JOGMEC), J. Sakakibara (JFE Civil Eng. & Cons. Corp.) & A. Tago (JFE Civil Eng. & Cons. Corp.)
11:20Th STZ2 07 Feasibility of Azimuthal Anisotropy Determination Using P-wave Reflection Amplitude from a Walkaround VSP
R. Zhou* (Halliburton), K. Green (Halliburton), J. Peron (Halliburton) & W.S. Lyons (Anadarko Petroleum Corporation)