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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Innovation in Potential Fields Methods
RoomLehar 1
TypeOral session
ChairmanG.R.J. Cooper - University of the Witwatersrand

08:30Th LHR1 01 A Unified Method for Calculating the Depth to Source of Horizontal Density Layers
J. Barraud* (GETECH Group plc)
08:55Th LHR1 02 Apparent Terrain Density Estimations with Variable Terrain Corrections Using Stochastic Inversion
M. Zengerer* (Intrepid Geophysics), R. Paterson (Intrepid Geophysics) & C. Campbell (Accel Services Inc.)
09:20Th LHR1 03 Role of Discretization Parameters in Source Depth Estimation Using Tikhonov's Downwards Continuation of Potential Fields
R. Pasteka* (Comenius University), D. Kušnirák (Comenius University), P. Zahorec (Slovak Academy of Sciences) & J. Papčo (Slovak University of Technology)
09:45Th LHR1 04 The Value of Integration in Geophysics. Applications to Electromagnetic and Gravity Data
P. Dell'Aversana* (Eni S.p.A. E&P)
10:10 Break
10:30Th LHR1 05 A New Algorithm for Inversion of 1D Vertical Soundings of Potential Field Anomalies
A. Vitale* (University of Naples Federico II), M. Fedi (University of Naples Federico II), D. Di Massa (University of Naples Federico II) & G. Florio (University of Naples Federico II)
10:55Th LHR1 06 Integrated Seismic and Non-seismic Modelling for Crustal Type, Volcanic Risk Mapping and Generating a Common Earth Model
M.A. Azher* (Total), M. Price (Total) & M. Masini (Total)
11:20Th LHR1 07 Lineament Detection over Shale Gas Play of Horn River Basin Using Monogenic Phase Congruency of Magnetic Data
S.V. (RAO) Yalamanchili* (CGG Multi-Physics) & H. Hassan (CGG Multi-Physics)
11:45Th LHR1 08 Estimating the Depth to the Base of Sedimentary Layer in South Caspian Basin (Iran) by Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)
S.H. Motavalli-Anbaran* (University of Tehran) & A. Jamasb (University of Tehran)