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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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AVO Inversion and Rock Physics
RoomePosters 6
TypePoster session
ChairmanF. Gamar-Sadat - CGG
S.R. Grant - BP Exploration Operating Co. Ltd

08:30Th P6 01 Prestack Depth-domain Inversion after Reverse Time Migration
X. Du (Schlumberger), R. Fletcher (Schlumberger) & M. Cavalca* (Schlumberger)
08:55Th P6 02 Resolution Enhancement of Robust Bayesian Pre-stack Inversion in the Frequency Domain
K. Li* (China University of Petroleum), X.Y. Yin (China University of Petroleum) & Z.Y. Zong (China University of Petroleum)
09:20Th P6 03 Facies Driven Extended Elastic Inversion - Application to the Niobrara
Y. Kiche* (Go GeoEngineering), L. OUHIB (Go GeoEngineering), D. Balogh (FracGeo) & A. Ouenes (FracGeo)
09:45Th P6 04 Features of Markov Random Field about Simultaneous Inversion of Pre-stack Seismic Data in Transversely Isotropic Media
Q. Guo* (Hohai University), H.B. Zhang (Hohai University), W. Saeed (Hohai University) & Z.P. Shang (Hohai University)
10:10 Break
10:30Th P6 05 Experimental Research about the Influence of Rock Microscopic Structure on Sandstone Velocity
C. Li* (China University of petroleum - Beijing), J.X. Wei (China University of petroleum - Beijing), B.R. Di (China University of petroleum - Beijing), X.Y. Liu (China University of petroleum - Beijing), Q. Ge (China University of petroleum - Beijing) & J.Y. Xie (China University of petroleum - Beijing)
10:55Th P6 06 Modelling Acoustic Measurements in Horizontal and Deviated Wells and Anisotropic Slowness Estimation for VTI Formations
H. Liu* (China University of Petroleum), G. Tao (The Petroleum Institute), K. Zhang (China University of Petroleum), B. Wang (China University of Petroleum) & W.Z. Yue (China University of Petroleum)
11:20Th P6 07 A Method to Improve the Sensitivity of Neutron Porosity Measurement Based on D-T Source
J. Liu (China University of Petroleum), F. Zhang (China University of Petroleum), J. Hou (North Carolina State University), Q. Zhang* (China University of Petroleum) & L. Tian (China University of Petroleum)