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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Seismic Anisotropy in Fractured Reservoirs (A)
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TypePoster session
ChairmanA.F. Baird - University of Bristol

13:30Th P3 09 Fracture Characterization with Azimuthal Inversion Technique - A Case Study for Carbonate Reservoir
Y.K. Wang (RIPED), J.Z. Zheng (RIPED), J.Q. Yin (RIPED), B. Liu* (CGG), S.T. Jin (RIPED), X.W. He (CGG), Z. Wang (RIPED) & J. Ting (CGG)
13:55Th P3 10 A New Approach to Estimate Depth-dependent S-wave Anisotropy Using Anisotropy Semblance Method
T. Kimura* (JAMSTEC), H. Mikada (Kyoto University), E. Araki (JAMSTEC), S. Kodaira (JAMSTEC) & S. Miura (JAMSTEC)
14:20Th P3 11 Influence Factors Analysis of Anisotropic Fracture Prediction Using Ellipse Fitting
T.Y. Wang* (China University of Petroleum-Beijing), S.X. Wang (China University of Petroleum-Beijing), S.Y. Yuan (China University of Petroleum-Beijing), P.D. Shi (University of Leeds) & B.P. Yan (China University of Petroleum-Beijing)
14:45Th P3 12 Dispersion of Low-frequency Waves in Fractured and Periodically Layered Media
V. Roganov* (Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics), A. Stovas (NTNU, Norway) & Y. Roganov (consultant, Ukraine)