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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Unconventional Resources II (SPE)
RoomSchubert 3
TypeOral session
ChairmanT. Manai - Schlumberger
T.M. Whittle - BG Group plc

13:30Th SBT3 09 Shale Reserve Forecasting -- Model Consistency and Uncertainty
C.H. Whitson* (NTNU), C.M. Coll (BG Group), M. Majzoub Dahouk (Petrostreamz AS) & A.O. Juell (Petrostreamz AS)
13:55Th SBT3 10 Unconventional Plays, Various Lithologies - Constant Stress Gradients
M. Parotidis* (BG Group), N. Hummel (BG Group), J. Graham (BG Group), J. Wheeler (BG Group) & T. Pritchard (BG Group)
14:20Th SBT3 11 Coupling Geomechanical Effects and Reservoir Dynamics for Modeling Rejuvenation in Unconventional Plays
R. Dutta (Baker Hughes), R. Pinto* (Baker Hughes), J.C. Flores (Baker Hughes) & C.J. McBurney (Baker Hughes)
14:45Th SBT3 12 Gas Storage in Model Kerogen Pores with Surface Heterogeneities
D.C. Albarracin* (Texas A&M University), Y. Akkutlu (Texas A&M University), L. Criscenti (Sandia National Laboratories) & Y. Wang (Sandia National Laboratories)
15:10 Break
15:30Th SBT3 13 Analytical Methods for Single-phase Oil Flow - Accounting for Changing Liquid and Rock Properties
E. Stalgorova* (IHS) & L. Mattar (IHS)
15:55Th SBT3 14 Theoretical Analysis and Experimental Research of Channel Fracturing in Unconventional Reservoir
T. Hou* (China University of Petroleum - Beijing), S. Zhang (China University of Petroleum - Beijing), B. Yu (China University of Petroleum - Beijing), X. Lv (China University of Petroleum - Beijing), J. Zhang (Heriot-Watt University), J. Han (China University of Petroleum - Beijing) & D. Li (China University of Petroleum - Beijing)
16:20Th SBT3 15 Robust Optimization of Unconventional Reservoirs Under Uncertainties
N.T. Nguyen* (University of Calgary), C.T. Dang (Computer Modelling Group Ltd), L.X. Nghiem (Computer Modelling Group Ltd), Z. Chen (University of Calgary) & H. Li (Computer Modelling Group Ltd)