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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Seismic Reservoir Characterization III - Inversion Case Studies
RoomLehar 3
TypeOral session
ChairmanL. Bornatici - Cairn Energy Plc
P.M.M. Pereira - CERENA/Instituto Superior Tecnico

13:30Th LHR3 09 Integrated Fracture-cavern Detection Based on 3D P-wave Seismic Data - A Case Study of S48 Area, Tarim Basin
Z.N. Cao* (China University of Petroleum (Beijing)), X.Y. Li (China University of Petroleum (Beijing)), S.H. Sun (BGP Inc. of CNPC), Q. Liu (Northwest Company, SINOPEC) & G.X. Deng (Northwest Company, SINOPEC)
13:55Th LHR3 10 Comparison of Deterministic and Geostatistical Inversion Results - A Case Study for a Gas-saturated Reservoirs with Coals
I.P. Yakovleva* (CGG), K.E. Filippova (CGG), V.I. Kuznetsov (NOVATEK STC) & T.E. Keller (NOVATEK STC)
14:20Th LHR3 11 Seismic Expression of Intra-Ordovician Unconformities in Murzuq Basin (Libya) through Pre-stack Inversion & Modelling
M.R. Ron Martin* (Repsol), M. Erquiaga (Repsol), B. Blake (Repsol), J. Buitrago (Repsol), J. Reveron (Repsol), F. Obregon (Repsol), C. Cobos (Repsol) & J.M. González Muñoz (Repsol)
14:45Th LHR3 12 Added Value of Using a 3D Faulted a Priori Model with Seismic Inversion - A Real Case Study of the Alwyn North Field
V. Clochard (IFP Energies Nouvelles), N. Delepine (IFP Energies Nouvelles), J.F. Rainaud* (IFP Energies Nouvelles), M. Poudret (Geosiris) & E. Klein (Extia)
15:10 Break
15:30Th LHR3 13 Effects of Post Stack Seismic Data Conditioning on Impedance Inversion for Reservoir, Brazilian Pre-salt, Santos Basin
T.B.M. Talles Barsanti Meneguim (Petrobras-S/A), T.P. Thomas Proença (Geoteric), C.E.L.P. Carlos Eduardo Lourenço Pereira (Petrobras-S/A), M.P.A. Mário Paes de Almeida Junior (Petrobras-S/A), E.B.S. Eliane Born da Silva (Petrobras-S/A) & L. Gomez Martinez* (Geoteric)
15:55Th LHR3 14 Using AVA Geostatistical Inversion for Thin Layer Reservoir Characterization - A Carbonate Reservoir Case Study
M. Maleki* (Pars Petro Zagros Geophysics) & R. Alamshahi (Sealand Egineering and Well Services)
16:20Th LHR3 15 Brittleness Prediction of Tight Reservoir with Product of Young Modulus and Density
H.Q. Wang* (PetroChina Research Institute of Expl. & Developm.)