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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Microseismic - Event Localization on Micro and Macro Scale
RoomStolz 2
TypeOral session
ChairmanL. Eisner - Seismik s.r.o.

13:30Th STZ2 09 Insights on the Robustness of Event Locations from Analysis of Acoustic Emissions Observed in a Triaxial Experiment
I. A. Vera Rodriguez* (Schlumberger), S. Stanchits (Schlumberger) & J. Burghardt (Schlumberger)
13:55Th STZ2 10 Locating Passive Seismic Sources Location with Cross-correlation Migration
S. Wu* (Institute of Geology and Geophysics,CAS), Y. Wang (Institute of Geology and Geophysics,CAS) & X. Chang (Institute of Geology and Geophysics,CAS)
14:20Th STZ2 11 Automatic Joint Location and Velocity Inversion for Passive Seismic Data
B. Schwarz* (University of Hamburg), A. Bauer (University of Hamburg) & D. Gajewski (University of Hamburg)
14:45Th STZ2 12 Micro-seismic Imaging Using Source-independent Waveform Inversion
H. Wang* (King Abdullah University of Science & Technology) & T. Alkhalifah (King Abdullah University of Science & Technology)
15:10 Break
15:30Th STZ2 13 Automated Event Localisation Using the AIC Characteristic Function - Application to Microseismicity Around Sumatran Fault
A. Hendriyana* (GFZ-Potsdam / ITB), K. Bauer (German Research Centre for Geosciences GFZ,Potsdam), U. Muksin (Department of Physics, Syiah Kuala Univ. Indonesia) & R. Sule (Geophysical Engineering, ITB, Indonesia)
15:55Th STZ2 14 Ambient Noise Tomography in the Adana Basin of Southern Turkey
T. Bakirci (Istanbul Technical University (former post-doc)), A. Kaslilar* (Istanbul Technical University) & A. Kocaoglu (Istanbul Technical University)
16:20Th STZ2 15 Real-time Earthquake Search Engine with Historic Data for Database
H. Zhu* (University of Science & Technology of China), X. Tian (University of Science & Technology of China) & J. Zhang (University of Science & Technology of China)