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Engenius Software1201
133 Green Street 
3079 Ivanhoe Victoria 
VIC Australia 
Contact person:Mr Marcus van Jager
SurvOPT helps find the fastest and most cost effective way to do almost any Marine Seismic Survey. QuickPlot Pro is a quick, professional preplot generator for seismic surveys. Seafloor Planner plans and optimises OBN and OBC surveys. Our software is used by the world’s leading acquisition contractors and energy companies to plan, bid and efficiently manage billions of dollars of seismic projects each year. It can help you make better decisions at any stage of a project, from initial design to mopping up the final bits of infill.
0103 - Marine seismic data acquisition
0104 - Marine seismic data processing
0111 - Positioning and surveying
0201 - Data acquisition
0209 - Project management
0216 - Positioning/Nav. services
0508 - Geophysical modelling
0510 - Mapping