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Sander Geophysics1203
260 Hunt Club Road 
K1V 1C1 Ottawa 
ON Canada 
Contact person:Mr A. Archer
Sander Geophysics (SGL) provides worldwide airborne geophysical surveys for petroleum and mineral exploration, and geological and environmental mapping. Founded in 1956, SGL’s services include high resolution airborne gravity, magnetic, electromagnetic, radiometric, and methane sensing surveys, using fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Sander Geophysics offers gravity surveys with AIRGrav, which was designed specifically for the unique characteristics of the airborne environment and is the highest resolution gravimeter available. Immediate data processing is part of SGL’s standard quality control procedure, and provides clients with rapid results for evaluation while a survey is in progress. Sander Geophysics also offers data enhancement and integrated interpretation services.
0115 - Airborne surveys
0105 - Non-seismic methods data acquisition
0106 - Non-seismic methods data processing