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W&R Instruments1542
Jecna 29a 
62100 Brno 
Czech Republic 
Contact person:Mr Josef Hovorka
W&R Instruments Company was established in 1992 in Brno, the Czech Republic as a successor of one department of Geofyzika Brno company. The key program is: - design, development and production of portable logging systems with wide array of probes, - magnetic susceptibility and conductivity probes production - our dominant products -providing related services well logging and interpretation, special training program. W&R Instruments Company has had a long experience in well logging services for various tasks and projects as for example: Ground-Water - finding and management. Mining Surveys Civil Engineering Geological Surveys (including Oil and Gas Prospecting)
0311 - Logging equipment
0310 - Surveying and positioning equipment
0313 - Non-seismic survey equipment and recording systems
0321 - Magnetometers
0322 - Resistivity and IP Instruments
0327 - Radiometric products
0203 - Geological services (and interpretation)
0107 - Well data acquisition
0504 - Well log analysis
0314 - Subsurface survey equipment and recording systems