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About Johannes Benigni

Johannes Benigni is the chairman and founder of the JBC Energy Group. He is currently based in Singapore.

Johannes started his career in energy more than two decades ago. Originally he went into commodities trading and brokerage of oil and natural resources. Today he is specialized in consulting for major energy companies in upstream, mid and downstream oil and gas businesses. Further to this JBC Energy provides world leading expertise and analytical research as well as training for senior management. 
The JBC Group services more than 200 leading IOCs, NOCs and stock listed companies, top class financial institutions and international trading firms around the globe. 

Johannes’s expertise and managerial knowledge in strategy, integrated supply, trading and pricing is essential for international oil and gas companies to be successful and enhance profitability. Furthermore Johannes’s insight and international network into energy markets is frequently reported by business media & news companies especially from the U.S., Asia, Middle East and Europe.