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Field Trip to Yanqing National Geopark

"Dinosaurs’ paradise and Karst landscapes arisen from Precambrian oceans in North China"

Duration: 1 day
Date: April 1, 2016

The field trip will cover one full day. A bus will be available at the disposal of participants, who should gather at the venue which will be the starting point of the field trip. For a brief introduction on this world class geopark, please go to Yanging Global Geopark webpage.

Important notes:

  1. The field trip fee includes transportation, admission, packed lunch, snacks, refreshments, and field trip guide.
  2. The stops are touristic sites in Yanqing Geopark. Participants may need to walk short distances and no special field equipment is necessary, but comfortable shoes are highly recommended.
  3. Kindly refer to the Logistics and Safety Guidelines for more information on trip requirements, and other pertinent details.


Description of the Field Trip

The field trip will take us to 2 main sites which is the highlight of the field trip:

  • Dinosaur footprints, of various dinosaurs dated back to Jurassic;

  • Silicified woods, from upper Jurassic (180~140 Ma), the largest and best preserved area of silicified woods in North China.


The bus will also stop by at the following scenic and interesting sites, including:

  • Great Wall ruins of the Kingdom of Yan (the Warring States Period) which was built in 306~251 B.C. As the oldest part of the Great Wall, it was built over half a century before Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China;


  • Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty (1368~1644 A.C.);

  • Rippled Precambrian sedimentary rocks (1.9~0.8 Ga) with fault zones created in the Yanshan Movement (210~65 Ma);
  • Yanshan Reservoir, with an altitude of 601 m in a volcanic-sedimentary basin, the highest reservoir in the Greater Beijing Area.

Target highlights:

  • Precambrian marine carbonates
  • Mesozoic Yanshanian movement-related geo-heritages

Detailed itinerary


7.50 AM

Gather at the front entrance of Cuigong Hotel.

8.00AM- 12.00PM

Travel to the dinosaur footprints. We will take several short stops by the road for sight-seeing and appreciate the geo-heritages.

12.00- 12.15PM

Visit the dinosaur footprints.


Travel to see the silicified woods.

Visit the silicified woods. Lunch boxes will be served there.

2.00- 4.00PM

Travel back to the venue. The bus will stop at requests and snacks will be served the the participants inside the bus.




About the field trip leaders

Dr. Zhen Li is an associate professor in geology at China University of Petroleum (Beijing). Dr. Li received his Ph.D. from Nanjing University and worked as a visiting scholar in Curtin University (Perth, Australia). He is specialised in geological evolution of China area.

Dr. Langqiu (Flora) Sun is an associate professor at China University of Petroleum (Beijing). Dr. Sun received her Ph.D. from University of Toronto. She is specialised in rock physics area.

Responsibility & Liability

EAGE China Chapter, “EAGE”, is an event organiser. Please note that EAGE is responsible for making the arrangements for the tours offered on this web page or brochure. The organization providing transportation services and sightseeing arrangements are independent and are not agents or employees of EAGE. All reservations or tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions specified by the suppliers. In utilizing the services of the suppliers, you agree that EAGE will not be liable, unless caused by its own negligence, for any accident, loss, injury or damage to you or to those travelling with you; or any problems in accommodations, transportation or other services resulting directly or indirectly from any occurrences or conditions beyond its control, including defects in vehicles, breakdown in equipment, strikes, theft, delay or cancellation of or changes in itinerary or schedules, fire, acts of government or authorities, weather, terrorism, Acts of God or any other causes. The terms under which you agree to take this tour cannot be changed or amended except in writing, signed by an authorized officer of EAGE. If and when applicable, EAGE’s liability is expressly limited to the monies paid by the participant for the applicable trip.

EAGE reserves the right to withdraw and/or cancel a tour or to make changes in the itinerary whenever, in its sole judgment, conditions warrant it. If EAGE cancels the tour, it shall have no responsibility beyond the refund of all monies paid to EAGE participants. At any time EAGE may decline, for any reason, any person as a member of a tour whereupon the EAGE's only responsibility shall be to refund to that person the portion of payment for the unused services. It is the participant’s own responsibility to carry proper and valid travel documents, have adequate travel, medical and risk insurance and have sufficient vaccinations and take medical precautions as may be necessary and can be reasonably expected.


Logistics & Safety Guidelines

The field trip follows HSE procedures based on Shell International Standard.

Footwear: We strongly recommend proper footwear during the trip, e.g. lightweight hiking boots.

Clothing: We recommend wearing a long-sleeved and collared shirt as contingent protection from excessive exposure to the sun and proper trousers. A hat is essential for protection from the sun.

Other requirements:

  1. Basic geological tools would be useful, namely a hand lens and a compass.Hammers are not recommended since we will be in natural reserves.
  2. Participant is recommended to bring a camera.
  3. Wearing sunglasses are recommended.
  4. Sun block may be helpful but strong sunshine is not common in Beijing in early April.
  5. Wearing a waterproof jacket is recommended because there is high chances of rain.

Additional information:

Insurance: It is imperative that all participants have adequate insurance coverage for the trip including full medical service. In short, it is participant responsiblity to buy their own insurance for this field trip.

Medication: Please ensure you bring with you any medications that you take on a regular basis or may need it in the unlikely event of emergency.

Lunch and snacks: Food will be provided in the bus trip and adequate drinking water will be available during the field trip. Please contact CUPB or EAGE in advance if you have special requests on food for any reason (e.g., religion, allergy or health).

Weather: In April in Beijing, temperature is usually comfortable for outdoor activities, but be prepared for windy conditions. Some wet weather clothing is also recommended.

*All photos used in this page were provided by China University of Petroleum Beijing (CUPB) and Yanqing National Geopark website for the purpose of field trip in conjunction with EAGE-SCA Digital Rock Physics Symposium. We thanked CUPB and Yanqing National Geopark for their generosity to provide these photos.