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Tyumen 2013
25 - 29 March 2013
New Geotechnology for the Old Oil Provinces
Tyumen, Russia
New features of software SIS Exploration Solution

Schlumberger invites conference participants to attend the special workshop "New feature of software SIS Exploration Solution" which will be held during Tyumen 2013. Open to all conference participants for free.

The preliminary programme


Thursday, 28 March


Technologies for seismic data processing


Over the last 50-60 years technologies of seismic data processing stepped far forward. The level of development of computer technology today allows to implement complex algorithms in real production deadlines. The WesternGeco commitment to research and development ensures the Omega system benefits from the latest geophysical processing technology. Advanced algorithms are available including 3D GSMP general surface multiple prediction, XIMP Extended internal Multiple Prediction and others.

Most recently, the depth migration technologies were used not so often and only in cases when it was required by structurally complex geology. Now more projects are carried out depth processing, due to both a high-tech possibilities, and understanding of depth migration is needed to improve the quality of processing, regardless complexity of survey. Except standard migration algorithms advanced technologies of RTM migration, Adaptive Beam migration and Gaussian Packet migration are available in Omega. Omega Integration integrates the algorithm power of Omega with the Petrel software visualization canvas, providing new, powerful geophysical workflows.

10.00 – 11.00

Step up the seismic interpretation

   During presentation of new geophysical features, recently developed by Schlumberger, workshop attendees will get possibility to observe evolution of geophysical interpretation process and learn about ongoing further innovations in this area of geosciences . We want to show the evolution of seismic interpretation from the simple and familiar to everyone geophysics methods to modern algorithms that are implemented in the software package Petrel, demonstrate the potential of a multi-interpretation of 2D - 3D seismic data, and ways to manage these data, tools, quality control and interpretation of the wording, automatic detection of structural features. But the main thing we want to say that this topic is not yet worked out to the end, Schlumberger continues to develop the existing algorithms and create new ones, to make the process easier and simplify interpretation, and most importantly to save your time on building proper structural models. We will demonstrate a new approach to constructing a structural model, which runs concurrently with the correlation, it is our latest addition.
11.00-12.00 Basin Modelling and Sequence Stratigraphy Analysis for Exploration. Model Building Workshop

 The workshop attendees will have an opportunity to real-time examining the main processes of petroleum systems modelling on the example of Russian sedimentary basin study in latest Petromod software. Application of the sequence stratigraphy analysis using additional software is a tool for reservoir prognosis and paleowater depth restoration for subsequent basin modelling and reservoirs charging in traps estimation.


Probabilistic analysis of the new plays in Petrel. Exploration well design workshop


Systematic approach to new plays assessment, recently developed by Schlumberger, enables integrated evaluation of petroleum systems key elements, such as trap, reservoir, charge, seal, hydrocarbon migration and timing, is realized as Petroleum-Systems-Quick-Look module in Petrel 2012.

Play Chance Mapping module stores all inputs such as geological property maps, variables, transforms and subordinate chance maps, which go into creating the final play chance map. The process of COS map creation consist of several steps aimed on quantitative analysis of trap and reservoirs properties as well as estimation of seal quality and hydrocarbons charge volume.

The final step of this short exploration optimized planning workshop is selection of the most perspective new well location upon the results of integrated COS map. With renewed option well path design in Petrel 2012 explorers can create any type of vertical and directional wellbore they need for investigating most promising reservoirs at the selected prospect. Workshop is oriented on the specialists in exploration with the basic experience in Petrel software usage.


The workshop is sponsored by Schlumberger

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