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Saint Petersburg 2012. International Conference & Exhibition
2 - 5 April 2012
Geosciences: Making the most of the Earth’s resources
Saint Petersburg, Russia
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Tuesday 03 April 2012
SessionStarting timeLocation
Dedicated Session Sergey Goldin: Challenging Problems of Seismic Imaging and Inversion09.00HALL OF COLUMNS (2nd floor)
Electromagnetic Methods09.00Room 3 (2nd floor)
Inversion / AVO09.00Poster box 1
Near Surface09.00Poster box 2
Regional Geology & Basin Research09.00THEATER HALL (3rd floor)
Seismic Processing / Well Logging11.25Poster box 1
Petroleum Exploration & Case Studies11.50Poster box 2
Regional Geology & Basin Research14.00THEATER HALL (3rd floor)
Reservoir Modelling14.00Room 3 (2nd floor)
Seismic Theory & Modelling14.00HALL OF COLUMNS (2nd floor)

Wednesday 04 April 2012
SessionStarting timeLocation
Student postersPoster box 2
Student postersPoster box 2
Depth Structure of the Earth Crust09.00Poster box 1
Field Development & EOR09.00Room 3 (2nd floor)
Inversion & AVO09.00THEATER HALL (3rd floor)
Petroleum Exploration & Case Studies09.00HALL OF COLUMNS (2nd floor)
Depth Structure of the Earth Crust / Regional Geology14.00Poster box 1
Field Development & EOR14.00Room 3 (2nd floor)
Inversion & AVO / Well Logging & Core Analysis14.00THEATER HALL (3rd floor)
Seismic & Well Data Interpretation14.00HALL OF COLUMNS (2nd floor)
Rock Physics14.25Room 3 (2nd floor)
Data Management16.25Room 3 (2nd floor)

Thursday 05 April 2012
SessionStarting timeLocation
Reservoir Modelling09.00Poster box 1
Seismic Acquisition09.00HALL OF COLUMNS (2nd floor)
Seismic Processing09.00THEATER HALL (3rd floor)
Seismic Theory & Modelling09.00Poster box 2
Field Development & EOR14.00Poster box 1
Near Surface14.00HALL OF COLUMNS (2nd floor)
Seismic Processing14.00THEATER HALL (3rd floor)
Closing session15.15THEATER HALL (3rd floor)
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