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Tyumen 2013
25 - 29 March 2013
New Geotechnology for the Old Oil Provinces
Tyumen, Russia
Lectures Overview

On Monday morning before the opening of the conference Tyumen 2013 two lectures will be offered. The lectures will be taught in Russian without translation.

Monday, 25 March 2013, 09:00–13:00

Konstantin KuninLecture 1
Review of Time-Lapse Seismic in Application to Oil and Gas Field Development

Instructor: Konstantin Kunin (Schlumberger)

The lecture will provide an overview of 4D seismic technology applied to reservoir engineering based on open sources. We will highlight the theoretical basis of the method, fundamental concepts and definitions, principles of field acquisition, peculiarity of time-lapse seismic processing and approaches to integrated interpretation of 4D seismic and well data. The course is based on illustrative examples of various projects with attention to geological and technological conditions of time-lapse acquisition, processing and interpretation. During the course we will discuss assessment of the reliability of forecasts given on saturation and pressure changes during reservoir development. More...

Monday, 25 March 2013, 09:00–13:00

Eugeniy BaraboshkinLecture 2
Deep-water Sedimentary Systems: Characteristics, Major Features, Sedimentary Models

Instructor: Prof. Eugeniy Baraboshkin (Moscow State University)

Today an increased interest is shown to the deep sedimentary systems – slope aprons, deep-water fens, etc. The course will be given as a theoretical overview of main features of deep-water environments, types of deposits, peculiarities of their formation and standard sedimentary models. We will discuss the geometry of sedimentary bodies and reservoirs, and their typical features. Examples from Western Siberia and other regions will be used as illustrations. More...

Detailed descriptions are available on the Russian website.

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