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FIELD Challenge

Enter the FIELD Challenge 2016 with your university team and submit your essay now! The deadline is 15 December.


The EAGE FIELD Challenge (Fully Integrated EvaLuation and Development) promotes cross-disciplinary geoscience and engineering integration within universities.

Each participating university will have a multi-disciplinary team of full-time geoscience and petroleum engineering students, with a maximum of one PhD student per team. The students will be required to analyze and propose a FIELD development plan for a discovered hydrocarbon resource. Each university team will have the same sponsored dataset to work with.

Teams exists of multiple full-time students from the following disciplines:

• Geophysics
• Geology
• Petrophysics
• Reservoir engineering
• Production engineering

Please note: Each university team must include an academic mentor and teams may be formed representing more than one university.

The 2016 dataset (provided by OMV) is ONLY accessible to the six best university teams and their academic mentors.

The development plan should include:

• Well log analysis
• Structural model
• Identified flow units
• Static reservoir model property modelling
• Dynamic reservoir model
• Forward (appraisal and) development plan

Submit your essay now!

University teams are eligible to apply for the FIELD Challenge via an essay submission, 2000-3000 words in length. The topic for this year's essay is: 

"Many geoscientists and reservoir engineers were hired in your company during the “Golden Age” of the O&G industry, but they will all retire in three to five years from now. They represent 30% of your company’s population, and have a wide and deep experience on hundreds of subjects, even though they are not quite as comfortable with new technologies as you… How would you organize the transfer of knowledge between these senior geoscientists and the new generation? You have 2000 to 3000 words to detail your plan, which should make the most out of each generation strength and skills. Your plan can consider separately the issue of transferring, storing and/or spreading the knowledge, exploiting for example field campaigns, laboratory samples, multimedia support, and knowledge databases."

Only six essays will be selected and only those student teams will be invited to analyze and propose a FIELD development plan to an expert jury, so get prepared! Please read the essay guidelines and the rules and procedures of the FIELD Challenge carefully. 

- Essay guidelines & submission form
- Rules and Procedures
Declaration of Integrity form

To enter the FIELD Challenge 2016, please make sure to submit the following documents to

- Your 2000-3000 word essay
- The submission form
- A signed copy of the 'Declaration of Integrity'

Deadline for all essay submissions is 15 December 2015. 


Why participate?

Six university teams will be selected to compete in this dynamic challenge. The finals will be held at the 78th EAGE Conference & Exhibition (30 May - 2 June 2015, Vienna, Austria), where each team will present their FIELD development plan to an expert jury.

We will support all selected university teams with three travel grants per team to attend annual conference1. The winning team of the FIELD development plan presentation will be rewarded with a great prize at a special awarding ceremony!

A university team may contain 3 to 5 students, but only three team members are allowed to present the FIELD development plan towards an expert jury. Only those three students will receive financial support towards their travel and attendance at the 78th EAGE Conference & Exhibition in Vienna, Austria. Other team members are welcome to attend the annual conference and the FIELD Challenge presentation of their student team, but at their own expense.

Deadlines FIELD Challenge 2016

• Deadline for essay submissions: 15 December 2015
• Selected teams will be notified: 8 February 2016
• Data packages will be distributed: 16 February 2016
• Entrants to submit final FIELD development plan: 16 May 2015
• Presentations (in front of a multidisciplinary team of industry technical leaders): 30 May 2016

Winners FIELD Challenge 2015

The FIELD Challenge 2015 was a great success and the jury was pleased with the quality of the presentations of the finalists. EAGE would like to congratulate to Charles Carlisle, Darragh O'Connor, and Connor Wentzell of Dalhousie University, Canada, winners of the FIELD Challenge 2015. They have received a voucher of € 3000,-.


The EAGE FIELD challenge is sponsored by the EAGE Student Fund including Shell. The 2016 dataset is provided by OMV.


Student Fund Sponsor