EAGE Student e-Summit on Energy Transition Announced

How can earth science students be on the vanguard of this transition? What kind of skill set would you need to be part of this change?

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Key Components of EarthDoc Archive Now Open to Students

EAGE is delighted to announce that key components of the EarthDoc Archive have been opened to students. Students can now access the entire backlog of conference and workshop proceedings on EarthDoc, as well as all back editions of the journals to which they are subscribed. Launch of this new access structure was planned for May 2020, but in light of the COVID-19 situation, we at EAGE realized that many students do not have access to universities and libraries at the moment and felt it is important to offer students easy access to online study resources in these difficult times.

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Meet one of our first online short course instructors

The EAGE Interactive Online Short Courses are a new format. Piet Gerritsma shared his teaching experience and his advice for course participants on their studies and future career in geophysics.





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