An important and integral part of the role of a professional association such as EAGE is to recognize and honour the scientific advances and achievements made by its members. The most practical and realistic means of recognizing effort and achievement by individuals is for them to be nominated by their colleagues i.e. people such as yourselves. EAGE Awards are regarded as highly valuable and prestigious within the geoscientific community. The awards are approved annually by the EAGE Board.

Besides presenting EAGE Awards, each year a number of prizes are presented to deserving individuals. Those prizes are meant to reward the special accomplishments of our members. EAGE prizes cover a wide range of themes and vary from the Photo Contest prize to the Geo Quiz, the Laurie Dake Challenge and the Minus Co2 Challenge prizes.


Overview Awards

Annually there are twelve EAGE Awards on offer, which in itself can be somewhat bewildering. In practice seven of these are in respect variously of oral papers or posters from the previous year's conference, or of papers published in EAGE journals.

A full listing of the Awards including a description can be found here.



Nominations and proposals for the awards are solicited from the EAGE membership worldwide. The task of analyzing these nominations is devolved to the Awards Committee, consisting of around 15 EAGE members, which reports and makes its recommendations through its Chairman to the Board. It is the duty of the Awards Committee to ensure that any award made should meet the very high standards required. While all awards are available each year, they may not necessarily all be made, if a candidate of suitable calibre is unavailable.

More information about the nomination procedure can be found here.

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Changes to EAGE Best Paper Awards from 2012

A vitally important part of EAGE’s activities is the recognition of significant contributions to geoscience and related engineering disciplines. In particular, outstanding technical publications deserve special recognition because they can plant the seeds for new lines of investigation or give new insights into the meaning of existing data. We are pleased to announce the creation of a new award and the revision of an existing award, beginning in 2012, to be attached to two EAGE journals.

Robert M. Mitchum Award for best paper in Basin Research

Basin Research, published by Wiley on behalf of EAGE and the International Association of Sedimentologists, is an international journal which publishes high-impact research papers on sedimentary basins as multi-component systems that are of interest to a broad spectrum of earth scientists. We are very pleased and honoured that Bob Mitchum has agreed to lend his name to this prestigious award which is intended to foster the aims and objectives of Basin Research. Bob is world-renowned for his pioneering achievements in furthering geoscientific advances in the field of seismic and sequence stratigraphy, and their application to sedimentary basins and petroleum prospectivity.

The Robert M. Mitchum Award is to be presented to the author(s) of the best paper published in Basin Research in the calendar year preceding the award. The paper must be of high scientific standard and should represent a significant contribution to one or more of the disciplines represented by that journal. The Mitchum Award will consist of a certificate and a specially bound copy of the issue in which the pertinent paper appears.

Nigel Anstey Award for best paper in First Break

The existing Nigel Anstey Award, currently given to a member for a contribution of distinctly valuable and tangible bearing on one or more of the disciplines in our Association, is being reallocated as the award for the best paper published in First Break. We are conscious that it can be undesirable to change the prescriptions of awards since changes could be seen as compromising the value of the awards to previous recipients. However, the EAGE Board thinks it is appropriate to reallocate the Nigel Anstey Award as a best paper award, given Nigel’s outstanding reputation as an author, presenter, and tutor. We are most grateful to Nigel for his enthusiastic endorsement of the change.

From 2012, the Nigel Anstey Award is to be presented to the author(s) of the best paper published in First Break in the calendar year preceding the award. The Anstey award will consist of a certificate and a specially bound copy of the issue in which the pertinent paper appears. This reallocation of the Anstey Award to a published paper continues the requirement that the contribution has a distinctly valuable and tangible bearing on one or more of the disciplines in our Association.

With these changes, each of the five journals owned solely or jointly by EAGE will have its own best paper award. The selection process for all EAGE Awards is carried out by the EAGE Awards Committee on a confidential basis, and the recommendations of the Awards Committee are subject to approval by the Board. In recent years, members of the editorial boards of the respective journals have been encouraged to make nominations for best paper awards, after the final issue of the year has been published. In future, the Awards Committee will also be pleased to consider nominations for best paper awards made by members of EAGE, just as they currently welcome nominations from members for the Erasmus, Schlumberger, Wegener, and Van Weelden Awards, and Honorary Membership. The deadline for nominations for the latter awards is unchanged as 31st October annually. The deadline for nominations for the five best paper awards published in EAGE journals is 31st December annually. All nominations should be done via the online form available here.