Honorary Memberships

Honorary Membership is conferred upon a member of EAGE who has made a highly significant and distinguished technical and/or non-technical contribution to the geoscience community at large or to EAGE in particular.


The EAGE Honorary Membership 2019 was conferred upon:

Snezana Komatina

In her long and varied career Snežana Komatina has demonstrated tireless effort in promoting geosciences to the local scientific public and bridging the gap between local and international societies. She has been an inspiring mentor and teacher in Serbia with an outstanding record of publication and engagement with students, the industry and the wider public. Among her many fields of expertise are earthquake seismology, exploration geophysics, hydrogeology and environmental geophysics. Professor Komatina is the long-standing president of the Association of Geophysicists and Environmentalists of Serbia (AGES). Under her leadership this initially small society attracted international membership and became known world-wide through research projects such as Geophysicists without Borders. For many years she has been deeply committed to humanitarian work as a geophysicist, analysing the effects of environment on human health and co-authoring the book Medical geology: effects of geological environments on human health among her many publications in this field. Professor Komatina is the driving force behind much of the joint collaboration in humanitarian geoscience between experts from all over the world and from all sorts of industries. For all her contributions Professor Snežana Komatina is awarded Honorary Membership.


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