The AC comprises a Chair in addition to a team of voting members who cover the geoscientific and related engineering disciplines, 5 members will be ex officio the latest 5 past presidents in a rolling sequence timed with the Presidential rolling sequence; 4 members will be the latest 2 Erasmus and 2 Wegener Awardees in a rolling sequence timed with the annual awarding process. All members of the Awards Committee must be bona fide EAGE members.

The Chair and the members are nominated biannually and must be ratified and approved by the EAGE Board, a process that would normally occur at the Board Meeting held at the Annual Conference. The Chair has the duty to keep the committee populated and balanced (in terms of geographical distribution and professional back ground). The Chair and the Awards Committee members are all independent of the Board but the Vice-President-Elect or the Vice-President is an ex officio, non-voting member of the AC, responsible for liaison with the Board.

The AC recommends candidates for the various statutory EAGE Awards no later than 1st December of each year so that they may be considered by the EAGE Board at their December Board meeting. The best papers awards will be nominated by 14th February in time for the March Board Meeting - so that the last issue of First Break and our cited international journals can be given appropriate consideration.

The AC reports to the Board and is advised by the Vice-President or the Vice-President Elect. The Board has the final decision on its recommendations. However, the Board is not permitted to make counter or new proposals.

EAGE is not obliged to offer every Award in every year. Most Awards are limited to one candidate or group of candidates. Honorary Membership and, in exceptional circumstances, the Schlumberger Award may be offered to a maximum of two (2) candidates.

Current members of the Awards Committee are:

Committee Members

  • Anton Ziolkowski (Chair)
  • Ken Peters
  • Koya Suto
  • Sabine Klarner
  • Panos Tsourlos
  • Leonardo Legarreta
  • Sebastian Geiger
  • Chris Ward
  • Martin Blunt
  • Andrew Curtis
  • René-Éduard Plessix
  • Lucy MacGregor
  • Tiziana Vanorio
  • Carlos Torres-Verdín
  • Patrick N.J.Rasolofosaon
  • Evgeny Landa
  • Andrey Bakulin
  • Jean-Jacques Biteau