Technical Programme

Technical Programme Committee (TPC)

The Technical Programme Committee is chaired by the Technical Programme Officer, who is elected by the EAGE membership. The members are the Technical Programme Officers, representing the various disciplines, of the Divisions.

The Technical Programme Committee is responsible for the technical programme of the Annual Conference and other conferences, workshops, meetings etc. of the Association. It supports the technical programme of other conferences, meetings, workshops etc. in cases of involvement of the Association. The work of the Technical Programme Committee comprises the acquisition, refereeing, selection and programming of oral and poster papers, workshops, field trips etc. and assistance to the Board in the long-term planning of the Technical Programme.

Current members of the Technical Programme Committee are:

Aart-Jan van Wijngaarden (TPO / Chair) Integration Equinor
Caroline Jane Lowrey Geology Spirit Energy
Dominique Guérillot Reservoir Texas A&M University
Esther Bloem Near Surface Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research
Georges Apostolopoulos (Chair NSGD)
Near Surface
National Technical University of Athens
John Brittan
Geophysics ION Geophysical
Juliane Heiland
Integration Schlumberger
Maartje Houben Reservoir Utrecht University
Magnolia Fatchi-Mamaghani Reservoir Storengy
Malcolm Francis Geophysics Schlumberger
Martin Widmaier Geophysics Petroleum Geo-Services
Michael Welch Geology Technical University of Denmark
Michael Peter Suess (Chair OGGD) Geology Wintershall DEA
Mohammad Al-Khalifa Reservoir Saudi Aramco
Pierre-Olivier Lys Reservoir Geophysics Total
Rick Donselaar
Geology Delft University of Geology
Walter Rietveld
Geophysics BP Exploration Ltd
Xander Campman Geophysics Shell International E&P BV