Near Surface Geoscience Division

The Near Surface Geoscience Division (NSGD) represents the interests of its members who work in all areas of geoscience applied to investigation of the shallow subsurface. Such areas include, but are not limited to, geophysics, geotechnics, engineering geology, mining, geothermal investigation, environment, hydrogeology, archaeology, forensics and soil science. It provides a forum for discussing and improving the application of geoscientific methods to the above-mentioned topics.

The Division publishes its own journal, Near Surface Geophysics, and organises an annual technical meeting, Near Surface Geoscience, normally held in September. It contributes to the EAGE flagship journal First Break and collaborates with other societies in organising joint technical meetings.

The aims of NSGD are:

  • To foster and encourage the application of geoscience techniques for all near-surface applications;
  • To foster education and research in these areas;
  • To provide a means for communication between geophysicists and those who use geoscientific data;
  • To provide, through meetings, workshops, short courses and seminars, a forum for the exchange of technical information;
  • To actively represent the membership in all state and national initiatives that propose regulation or registration of near surface geoscientists, and to keep the membership informed on these issues;
  • To work closely with other societies for the furthering of geoscience as applied to matters outside deep exploration.

The NSGD committee members sit as representatives of various local professional groupings. EAGE members are welcome to contact them by e-mail to make suggestions for the development of the Division.

The current members of the divisional committee are:

  • Alireza Malehmir (Chair)

  • Esther Bloem (Vice-Chair)

  • George Apostolopoulos (Immediate Past Chair) 

  • Micki Allen (Contact Officer EEGS/North America)

  • Hongzhu Cai (Liaison China)

  • Albert Casas (Membership Officer)

  • Eric Cauquil (Liaison Shallow Marine Geophysics)

  • Deyan Draganov (Technical Programme Officer)

  • Hamdan Ali Hamdan (Liaison Middle East)

  • Vladimir Ignatev (Liaison Russia / CIS)

  • Andreas Kathage (Liaison Officer "First Break")

  • Musa Manzi (Liaison Africa)

  • Myrto Papadopoulou (Young Professional Liaison)

  • Andreas Pfaffhuber (Liaison Infrastructure & BIM)

  • Koya Suto (Liaison Asia Pacific)

  • Catherine Truffert (Industry Liaison)

  • Panagiotis Tsourlos (Editor in Chief "Near Surface Geophysics")

  • Florina Tuluca (Committee Member)

Divisional journal:

Near Surface Geophysics