EAGE supports in the following ways:

  • PACE Support
  • PACE Event Support
  • Student PACE Support


The Programme for Association and Cooperation in Earth sciences (PACE) supports individual geoscientists to participate actively in selected EAGE events. This support is available for accepted speakers who cannot obtain financial support from other sources. With this programme EAGE strives to encourage the exchange of information and knowledge among the global geoscientific community. PACE is coordinated by the PACE Committee.


PACE Support

PACE Support

The PACE programme supports individual geoscientists to participate actively in our events. This support is available for accepted speakers. The PACE support application form for a specific event is accessible through the event website.


In order to qualify for PACE financial support, please take the following criteria into consideration:

  • Only presenters of accepted oral and/or poster presentations who cannot obtain financial support given by their university/institute or other resources will be eligible to receive a grant
  • A person will only be considered for a financial support once every two years
  • Only EAGE members will be eligible to receive a grant
  • For regional events: only applicants resident in the respective regions will be eligible to receive a grant.

For more information on PACE grants, please refer to the PACE Grant Request.

Best Paper Winners


Authors of Best Papers at the below events will receive a grant to attend the EAGE Annual Conference or the Near Surface Geoscience Conference and present their winning paper at the respective event.


EAGE Events Number of grants Event
3rd Asia Pacific Meeting on Near Surface Geoscience and Engineering 2020, Thailand 2 Near Surface Geoscience 2020
Engineering and Mining Geophysics 2020, Russia & CIS 3 Near Surface Geoscience 2020
Monitoring 2019, Kiev 2 Near Surface Geoscience 2020
 Saint Petersburg 2020, Russia  2  EAGE Annual Conference Madrid 2021
 8th Arabian Plate Geology Workshop 2020, Saudi Arabia  1  EAGE Annual Conference Madrid 2021
 First EAGE Workshop on EOR in Latin America: Research, Planning, Implementation and Surveillance 2020,  Colombia  1  EAGE Annual Conference Madrid 2021
 Third EAGE Workshop on Unconventional Resources 2020, Argentina  1  EAGE Annual Conference Madrid 2021
 First EAGE/SBGf Workshop on Reservoir Monitoring 2020, Brazil  1  EAGE Annual Conference Madrid 2021

PACE Event Support

PACE Event Support

If you organise a geoscientific event and want to apply for support, please complete the PACE Event Support Request Form. Your request will be discussed by the Membership and Cooperation Committee.


 In order to qualify for PACE  support, please take the following criteria into consideration:

1. EAGE requirements:
a. Acknowledgement of EAGE support on the event materials – both print and electronic;
b. Free display area for EAGE promotion material – with a minimum of one poster board and one table with chairs;
c. Allotted speaking time for EAGE representatives during the opening session – with a minimum of five minutes.

2. Application:
a. To be submitted online via the EAGE website no later than three months ahead of the event;
b. The application form must be fully completed and contain a clear and accurate budget.

3. Reasons for disqualification:
a. Local Chapters who have not provided their annual reports of the previous year to EAGE on time.
b. Expenses that are not strictly necessary for the realization of the event (e.g. photography services, advertising...)

4. Transfer of funding in cases under 1b:
Following the event, the organizers are required to submit the following after which the financial transaction can take place:

  • a short financial report showing how the allocated budget has been spent, together with receipts
  • the abstracts
  • an information report about the event
  • a short article with pictures suitable for publication in First Break
Student Fund

Student Fund

The Student Fund dedicates itself to support a number of student activities to encourage students to participate in EAGE activities. A few examples are:

  • Student Travel Grants
  • Student Scholarships
  • Support to Student conferences, workshops and field trips
  • Sponsor Student participation to the EAGE Conference & Exhibition

EAGE would like to thank all sponsoring companies and individuals for supporting the Student Fund. For more information, please check here.

All donations to EAGE Student funds are welcome! You (or your company) can make a difference! You can be sure that your donation will support the future of geoscience and engineering.

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