Technical Content and Education

EAGE offers companies and universities the opportunity to become institutional subscribers to our industry recognised journals and online Geoscience database. With one of these annual subscriptions, it allows unlimited downloads of a huge number of technical articles and papers via an easy access through IP Address ranges. You can decide how many users have access to the database, with a possibility of over 1000 concurrent users if required.

Read below for more information about each of our unique subscription options.

EAGE EarthDoc Subscription

EarthDoc online Geoscience database really epitomises EAGE’s multi-disciplinary nature as an association. With over 70,000 papers and articles available to download, and even more added monthly; it will be a challenge not to find useful, interesting content.

EarthDoc includes content from 9 different scientific journals, including EAGE’s flagship magazine First Break, and our Near Surface Geophysics Journal. The full back catalogue of each journal is available to download, as well as all event papers from EAGE organised events dating back to 1983; over 30 years of scientific knowledge.

Use the contact details below to enquire about the subscription rates of EarthDoc.

First Break is EAGE’s monthly magazine and one of the leading publications serving the geoscience and engineering community. First break publishes top-quality submitted and commissioned research articles; together with news, special monthly topics, industry features and company profiles.

Institutional subscribers to First Break will receive a print copy of the magazine every month, as well as online access to the full back catalogue dating back to 1983. You will also have access to all event papers from last year’s EAGE Annual Conference held in Paris.

Subscriptions to First Break are available from only €980.00 per year.

Education and Training: EAGE offers a selection of training and education programmes, and even offers tailor-made programmes that can be accessed in-house through a course. You can also join one of our prestigious Education Days, taking place around the world.

We offer all new interested subscribers to EarthDoc the opportunity to take a free, 2-week, trial of the full database. This is extremely quick and easy to organise, allowing companies and universities to experience the benefits of EarthDoc first-hand. All you will need to do is contact the Account Manager for Subscriptions with details of your institution and the IP Address ranges for the users who would be best placed to trial the database and provide feedback.

In case of any questions, a free trial enquiry, or indeed to subscribe to any of our packages; please contact us on the details below.


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